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Revista Brasileira de Hematologia e Hemoterapia
On-line version ISSN 1806-0870


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Hematol. Hemoter. vol.29 no.3 São José do Rio Preto July/Sept. 2007

 ·  Sickle cell disease: aims and results in the treatment of a health public disease in Brazil
Ruiz, Milton A.

 ·  Sickle cell disease in Brazil
Cançado, Rodolfo D.; Jesus, Joice A.

 ·  The pathophysiology of sickle cell disease: from the genetic mutation to multiorgan disfunction
Zago, Marco Antonio; Pinto, Ana Cristina Silva

 ·  Modifiers factors of clinical severity in sickle cell anemia
Figueiredo, Maria Stella

 ·  Laboratorial diagnosis of sickle cell disease in the neonate and after the sixth month of life
Ferraz, Maria Helena C.; Murao, Mitiko

 ·  Sickle cell trait: heterozygous for the hemoglobin S
Murao, Mitiko; Ferraz, Maria Helena C.

 ·  Dificulties on the laboratorial diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies
Naoum, Paulo Cesar; Bonini-Domingos, Claudia R.

 ·  Genetic counseling in the sickle cell disease
Ramalho, Antonio Sérgio; Magna, Luís Alberto

 ·  General measures in the treatment of sickle cell disease
Braga, Josefina A. P.

 ·  Sickle cell disease and the self care
Araujo, Paulo Ivo C.

 ·  Painful episodes in sickle cell disease
Lobo, Clarisse; Marra, Vera Neves; Silva, Regina Maria G.

 ·  Splenic sequestration crisis in sickle cell disease
Bruniera, Paula

 ·  Stroke and other vascular complications of the central nervous system in sickle cell disease
Angulo, Ivan L.

 ·  Transient red cell aplasia in sickle cell disease
Veríssimo, Mônica P. A.

 ·  Growth and development in sickle cell disease
Verissimo, Monica P. A.

 ·  Sickle cell priapism
Vicari, Perla; Figueiredo, Maria Stella

 ·  Renal abnormalities in sickle cell disease
Magalhães, Isis Q.

 ·  Occular complications in sickle cell disease
Vilela, Rosana Q. B.; Bandeira, Denise M.; Silva, Maria Alexsandra E.

 ·  Leg ulcers in sickle cell disease
Paladino, Silvia F.

 ·  Cardiopulmonary complications of sickle cell disease
Gualandro, Sandra F. M.; Fonseca, Guilherme H. H.; Gualandro, Danielle M.

 ·  Hepatic complications in sickle cell disease
Traina, Fabíola; Saad, Sara T. O.

 ·  Anesthesia and surgery in sickle cell disease
Friedrisch, João R.

 ·  Pregnancy and contraception in sickle cell disease
Zanette, Angela Maria D.

 ·  Fetal hemoglobin inducing factors
Figueiredo, Maria Stella

 ·  Iron overload and iron chelation in sickle cell disease
Cançado, Rodolfo D.

 ·  Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in sickle cell anemia
Pieroni, Fabiano; Barros, George M. N.; Voltarelli, Júlio C.; Simões, Belinda P.

 ·  Nursing of sickle cell disease in basic healthcare services
Kikuchi, Berenice A.