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Revista Brasileira de Hematologia e Hemoterapia
On-line version ISSN 1806-0870


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Hematol. Hemoter. vol.32 no.3 São Paulo  2010

 Editorials and Comments
 ·  Changes in the criteria of Qualis
Revistas Científicas Brasileiras

 ·  Evaluation of multielements in human blood samples using synchrotron radiation
Cardoso, Simone Coutinho

 ·  Quality control of preserved red blood cells for transfusion
Leonart, Maria Suely S.

 ·  Psychosocial aspects of sickle cell anemia
Figueiredo, Maria Stella

 ·  Evaluation of multielements in human blood samples using synchrotron radiation
Pinto, Nivia Graciele V.; Mota, Carla L. S.; Barroso, Regina Cely R.; Moreira, Silvana; Braz, Delson

 ·  Epidemiologic and social aspects of sickle cell disease
Felix, Andreza Aparecida; Souza, Helio M.; Ribeiro, Sonia Beatriz F.

 ·  Studies on laboratory quality control methods of erythrocyte units for transfusion in the Centro de Hematologia e Hemoterapia do Paraná (Hemepar), Brazil
Tomczak, Ana Carolina T. Q.; Grilo, Katia T. M.; Castro, Jaqueline M.; Machado, Anália M. B.; Leonart, Maria Suely S.; Nascimento, Aguinaldo J.

 ·  The identification of beta-thalassemia mutants in Brazilians with high Hb F levels
Zamaro, Paula J. A.; Bonini-Domingos, Claudia R.

 ·  Hematologic profile of neonates attended at the Teaching Hospital of the Federal University in Santa Catarina
Gonçalves, Jéssica; Souza, Nicéia Mara A.; Hermes, Elizabeth M.; Jesus, Cleta S. C.; Jordão, Márcia Maria

 Special article
 ·  Indications for pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: consensus presented at the First Meeting on Brazilian Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Guidelines - Brazilian Society of Bone Marrow Transplantation, Rio de Janeiro, 2009
Seber, Adriana; Bonfim, Carmem Maria S.; Daudt, Liane E.; Gouveia, Roseane V.; Ginani, Valéria C.; Mauad, Marcos; Castro Jr, Claudio G.

 ·  Iron deficiency anaemia in the adult: causes, diagnosis and treatment
Cançado, Rodolfo D.; Chiattone, Carlos S.

 ·  Micronutrient deficiency in children and adolescents with sickle cell anemia: a systematic review
Mataratzis, Pilar S. R.; Accioly, Elizabeth; Padilha, Patrícia de C.

 ·  The family of the child with sickle cell disease and the nursing team: critical review
Rodrigues, Carmen C. M.; Araújo, Izilda E. M.; Melo, Luciana L.

 Case Report
 ·  Cryptococcal osteomyelitis in a patient with multiple myeloma
Nocera, Vanessa B.; Ronchi Jr, Ivo; Pietrovicz, Joelma; Krebs, Cecília N. V.; Lopes, Gabriel L.

 ·  Reactivation of Chagas' disease with central nervous system involvement during the treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Oliveira, Leonardo R.; Assis, Larissa L. T.; Maltos, André Luiz; Calil, Meire Cristina F. R.; Moraes-Souza, Helio

 ·  Study of factors associated to chagasic infection in endemic areas of Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil
Galvão, Camila R.

 ·  Evaluation of cellular markers by flow cytometry in patients with acute myeloid leukemia
Vasconcelos, Roberto C.

 ·  Study of electrical properties of red blood cells using optical tweezers
Fernandes, Heloise P.