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Revista Brasileira de Hematologia e Hemoterapia
On-line version ISSN 1806-0870


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Hematol. Hemoter. vol.32  supl.2 São Paulo June 2010

 ·  Multidisciplinary Guide to Treat Iron Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anemia
Cançado, Rodolfo D.; Chiattone, Carlos S.

 ·  Public policies to control iron deficiency in Brazil
Szarfarc, Sophia C.

 ·  Iron physiology and metabolism
Grotto, Helena Z. W.

 ·  Importance of inflammation on iron homeostasis and functional iron deficiency
Figueiredo, Maria Stella

 ·  Laboratory diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia
Grotto, Helena Z. W.

 ·  Differential diagnosis of iron deficiency
Vicari, Perla; Figueiredo, Maria Stella

 ·  Iron deficiency in the fetus and newborn
Chopard, Maria Renata T.; Magalhães, Maurício; Bruniera, Paula

 ·  Iron deficiency in infants and children
Braga, Josefina A. P.; Vitalle, Maria Sylvia S.

 ·  Iron deficiency in adolescence
Garanito, Marlene P.; Pitta, Tassiana S.; Carneiro, Jorge David A.

 ·  The iron deficiency in adult woman
Rodrigues, Lilian P.; Jorge, Silvia Regina P. F.

 ·  The iron deficiency in pregnancy, labor and puerperium
Rodrigues, Lilian P.; Jorge, Silvia Regina P. F.

 ·  Iron deficiency in the elderly
Gualandro, Sandra F. M.; Hojaij, Naira H. S. L.; Jacob Filho, Wilson

 ·  Iron deficiency and the intestinal tract in children
Morais, Mauro B.

 ·  Iron deficiency related to gastrointestinal diseases in adults
Zaltman, Cyrla; Costa, Marcia H. M.

 ·  Iron deficiency anemia in patients submitted to gastric or small intestine resection: prevalence, cause, clinical outcome, diagnostic workup and prevention
Traina, Fabíola

 ·  Iron deficiency in chronic kidney disease
Abensur, Hugo

 ·  Iron deficiency in heart failure patients
Barretto, Antonio Carlos P.; Cardoso, Milena N.; Cardoso, Juliano N.

 ·  Iron deficiency in cancer patients
Calabrich, Aknar F. C.; Katz, Artur

 ·  Genetic causes for iron deficiency
Saad, Sara Teresinha O.

 ·  Nutritional guidelines for patients with iron deficiency
Bortolini, Gisele A.; Fisberg, Mauro

 ·  Treatment of iron deficiency anemia with oral iron
Cançado, Rodolfo D.; Lobo, Clarisse; Friedrich, João Ricardo

 ·  Iron deficiency anemia treatment with parenteral iron
Cançado, Rodolfo D.; Lobo, Clarisse; Friedrich, João Ricardo

 ·  The role of nurses in parenteral iron administration
Figueiredo, Ana Elizabeth P. L.

 ·  The impact of food fortification on the prevention of iron deficiency
Vellozo, Eliana P.; Fisberg, Mauro

 ·  The contribution of fortified foods in the prevention of iron deficiency anemia
Vellozo, Eliana P.; Fisberg, Mauro