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Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology
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Braz. arch. biol. technol. vol.44 no.1 Curitiba Mar. 2001

 ·  Activity determination of Na+ K+ - ATPase and Mg++ - ATPase enzymes in the gill of Poecilia vivipara (Osteichthyes, Cyprinodontiformes) in different salinities
Amaral, Marcelo da Cunha; Bonecker, Ana Cristina Teixeira; Ortiz, Cláudio H. D.

 ·  Monitoring and spatial distribution of heterotrophic bacteria and fecal coliforms in the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lutterbach, Márcia T. S.; Vazquez, Joselito Cabral; Pinet, Jorge A.; Andreata, José V.; Silva, Alexandre Carlos da

 ·  Biochemical taxonomy of Crenicichla (Pisces: Perciformes: Cichlidae) of the Iguaçu River, Brazil
Renesto, Erasmo; Zawadzki, Cláudio Henrique; Revaldaves, Eloísa

 ·  Relationships among oil content, protein content and seed size in soybeans
Marega Filho, Mario; Destro, Deonisio; Miranda, Lilian Azevedo; Spinosa, Wilma Aparecida; Carrão-Panizzi, Mercedes Concórdia; Montalván, Ricardo

 ·  Purification and characterisation of trypsin-like enzyme from the pyloric caeca of cod (Gadus morhua) II
Beirão, Luiz Henrique; Mackie, Ian Mckintoch; Teixeira, Evanilda; Damian, César

 ·  Compression induced intercellular shaping for some geometric cellular lattices
Calbo, Adonai Gimenez; Nery, Amauri Alves

 ·  Morphology and anatomy of the vegetative organs and scapes from Aphorocaulon (Paepalanthus, Eriocaulaceae)
Scatena, Vera Lúcia; Rosa, Michele Marcelino

 ·  Changes in amylase activity starch and sugars contents in mango fruits pulp cv. Tommy Atkins with spongy tissue
Lima, Luiz Carlos de Oliveira; Chitarra, Adimilson Bosco; Chitarra, Maria Isabel F.

 ·  Anticholinesterase effect of eserine (physostigmine) in fish and crustacean species
Monserrat, José M.; Bianchini, Adalto

 ·  Characterization of chestnut (Castanea sativa, mill) starch for industrial utilization
Demiate, Ivo Mottin; Oetterer, Marília; Wosiacki, Gilvan

 ·  Studies on production of single cell protein by Aspergillus niger in solid state fermentation of rice bran
Anupama; Ravindra, Pogaku

 ·  Macroinvertebrate fauna associated to the bromeliad Vriesea inflata of the Atlantic Forest (Paraná State, southern Brazil)
Mestre, Luiz Augusto M.; Aranha, José Marcelo R.; Esper, Maria de Lourdes P.

 ·  Studies on probiotics properties of two lactobacillus strains
Brizuela, María Antonieta; Serrano, Paulina; Pérez, Yovanka

 ·  Diet of Iheringichthys labrosus (Pimelodidae, Siluriformes) in the Itaipu Reservoir, Paraná River, Brazil-Paraguay
Abes, Sara da Silva; Agostinho, Angelo Antonio; Okada, Edson Kiyoshi; Gomes, Luiz Carlos

 ·  Optimization of extraction parameters for recovery of a-amylase from the fermented bran of Bacillus circulans GRS313
Palit, Soumen; Banerjee, Rintu