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Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology
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Table of contents
Braz. arch. biol. technol. vol.44 no.2 Curitiba June 2001

 ·  Microflora dynamics in earthworms casts in an artificial soil (biosynthesol) containing lactic acid oligomers
Alauzet, Nathalie; Roussos, Sevastianos; Garreau, Henri; Vert, Michel

 ·  Phytochrome controls achene germination in Bidens pilosa L. (Asteraceae) by very low fluence response
Amaral-Baroli, Adriana; Takaki, Massanori

 ·  Xylitol production by Candida parapsilosis under fed-batch culture
Furlan, Sandra A.; Castro, Heizir F. de

 ·  Influence of temperature and diet on the development of Ulomoides dermestoides (Fairmaire, 1893) (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Diaperinae)
Marinoni, Renato C.; Ribeiro-Costa, Cibele S.

 ·  Effects of trace volatile organic compounds on methane oxidation
Chiemchaisri, Wilai; Visvanathan, Chettiyappan; Jy, Shing Wu

 ·  Biogenic gases in tropical floodplain river
Ballester, Maria Victória Ramos; Santos, José Eduardo dos

 ·  Reduction of exchangeable calcium and magnesium in soil with increasing pH
Miyazawa, Mário; Pavan, Marcos A.; Ziglio, Cláudio O.; Franchini, Júlio C.

 ·  Natural regeneration in a quaternary coastal plain in southern Brazilian Atlantic Rain forest
Salimon, Cleber Ibraim; Negrelle, Raquel R. B.

 ·  Nephrotoxicity of Bence-Jones proteins: correlation with endocytosis by BHK cells and intracellular movement
Nicastri, Ana Lucia; Gomes, Elisa Maines; Prado, Maria José Brandão de Almeida; Prado, Euthymia Brandão de Almeida

 ·  Selection for grain yield and quality in segregating generations of wheat
Andrade, Alessandro Ramos de; Riede, Carlos Roberto; Scholz, Maria Brígida dos Santos; Destro, Deonisio; Fonseca, Ines Cristina de Batista

 ·  Stimulation of the Megasphaera elsdenii’s butyrate production in continuous culture by a yeast additive
Soto-Cruz, Oscar; Chávez-Rivera, Rafael; Saucedo-Castañeda, Gerardo

 ·  Alleviating soil acidity through plant organic compounds
Meda, Anderson R.; Cassiolato, Marcelo E.; Pavan, Marcos A.; Miyazawa, Mário

 ·  An improved method for transformation of lettuce by Agrobacterium tumefaciens with a gene that confers freezing resistance
Pileggi, Marcos; Pereira, Albanin Aparecida Mielniczki; Silva, Joandrei dos Santos; Pileggi, Sônia Alvim Veiga; Verma, Desh Pal S.

 ·  Histological analysis of the callogenesis and organogenesis from root segments of Curcuma zedoaria Roscoe
Mello, Marcia O.; Melo, Murilo; Appezzato-da-Glória, Beatriz

 ·  Production of Flammulina velutipes on coffee husk and coffee spent-ground
Leifa, Fan; Pandey, Ashok; Soccol, Carlos R.

 ·  Isolation and characterization of three distinct forms of lipases from Candida rugosa produced in solid state fermentation
Benjamin, Sailas; Pandey, Ashok