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Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology
On-line version ISSN 1678-4324


Table of contents
Braz. arch. biol. technol. vol.49 spe Curitiba Jan. 2006


 Metrological Characterization
 ·  Parameters for dimensional inspection of orifice plates and roughness of the straight stretches of the tubing
Medeiros, Alberto Kennedy de Almeida; Lima, Jeffersson Fernandes de; Medeiros, Gilson Gomes de; Silva Junior, Nivaldo Ferreira da; Felipe, Raimundo Nonato B.; Felipe, Renata Carla Tavares dos Santos

 ·  Evaluation of short wave therapy equipment based on brazilian standards
Gruber, Cristiane Regina; Gewehr, Pedro Miguel

 ·  The use of fricke dosimetry for low energy x-rays
Austerlitz, Carlos de; Souza, Viviane; Villar, Heldio Pereira; Cordilha, Aloisio

 ·  Proposal of methodology and test protocol for evaluating and qualifying pH measuring devices
Almeida, Niza Helena de; Nohama, Percy

 ·  Measurement of thermophysical properties of ceramics by the flash method
Pinto, Cláudio S. C.; Massard, Henrique; Couto, Paulo; Orlande, Helcio R. B.; Cotta, Renato M.; Ambrosio, Maria C. R.

 Development and Validation of Methods
 ·  Determination of Beta-Lactam residues in milk by high performance liquid chromatography
Brito, Roseane Brandão de; Junqueira, Roberto Gonçalves

 ·  Absorbed dose measurements using TLDS in biological samples from beta radiation
Manzoli, José Eduardo; Carvalho, Valdir de Souza; Cerqueira, Eliomar Jacinto Gomes de

 ·  Evaluation of reproductibility and detection limit of CaSO4: dy radiation detectors
Manzoli, José Eduardo; Campos, Vicente de Paulo de; Doi, Mirian Saori

 ·  Analytical validation of LAL kinetic assay for detection and quantification of endotoxins in measles's vaccine diluents
Guimarães, Rosane Cuber; Leal, Alaide Aline Xavier

 ·  Influence of the temperature, pressure and viscosity on the oil measurement with turbine type measurers
Damasceno, Magalí Araújo; Penha, Janaina Karla de Medeiros; Silva Junior, Nivaldo Ferreira da; Felipe, Raimundo Nonato B.; Felipe, Renata Carla Tavares dos Santos; Medeiros, Gilson Gomes de

 ·  Determination of N-nitrosamines and N-nitrosables substances in rubber teats and sothers by GC-TEA
Vieira, Eleno Rodrigues; Pierozan, Nilso José; Lovison, Viviane

 ·  Effect of NaCl and HCl concentrations on primary pH measurement for the certification of standard materials
Souza, V.; Ordine, Alberto Pires; Fraga, I. C. S.; Getrouw, Monique Audrey; Borges, P. P.; Damasceno, J. C.; Couto, P. R. G.

 Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainties
 ·  Uncertainty of the density of moist air: Gum x Monte Carlo
Canaves Junior, Moacyr; Pompéia, Pedro José

 ·  Calculation of uncertainties in influence quantities in biological essays
Morel, Pierre; Arruda, Tatiana Langbeck de; Bohrer-Morel, Maria Beatriz C.

 ·  Analytical quality in environmental studies: uncertainty evaluation of chemical concentrations determined by INAA
França, Elvis Joacir de; Fernandes, Elisabete A. De Nadai; Bacchi, Márcio Arruda; Saiki, Mitiko

 Reference Materials
 ·  Development of a certified reference material: ethanol in water - a practical case
Souza, Vanderléa de; Caixeiro, Janaína Marques R.; Silva, Rafael A. L. da; Pedro, Leandro R.; Borges, Renata M. H.; Couto, Paulo R. G.

 Document Control
 ·  The control of documents maintained in the electronic media and the requirements of NBR ISO/IEC 17025 and adequacy for PNQ
Castro, Anselmo Ferreira de; Silva, Glória Maria Pereira da; Costa, Stella Regina Reis da; Santos, Sílvio Francisco dos