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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.9 Porto Alegre Jan./June 2003

 Dossier Sociological Theory
 ·  Sociological theory and the new research challenges
Liedke, Elida Rubini

 ·  Beyond "Institutional Monocropping": institutions, capabilities, and deliberative development
Evans, Peter

 ·  Reflection over a methodological strategy for examining social protests
Scribano, Adrian

 ·  Autopoiesis, the unity of a difference: Luhmann and Maturana
Rodríguez M., Darío; Torres N., Javier

 ·  Giddens: from social ontology to the political program - no return
Saul, Renato P.

 ·  Towards a sociology of experience: a contemporary reading of François Dubet
Wautier, Anne Marie

 ·  Sociology in Brazil: contemporary institutional, epistemological and theoretical tendencies
Liedke Filho, Enno Dagoberto

 ·  Views on changing labor
Toni, Míriam de

 ·  Computer-assisted qualitative analysis
Cisneros Puebla, César A.

 ·  The city in the flow of time: invention of past and heritage
Barreira, Irlys Alencar F.

 ·  The society of the living
Leis, Héctor Ricardo

 ·  A Córsega ou as servidões da autenticidade
Fabiani, Jean-Louis

 ·  O retorno da cidade como objeto de estudo da sociologia do crime
Madeira, Lígia Mori