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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.11 Porto Alegre Jan./June 2004

 Homenagem ao Professor Octávio Ianni
 ·  Lições do artesanato intelectual: a herança do mestre
Seráfico, Marcelo

 Dossier Society and Territory
 ·  Dinâmicas territoriais e desenvolvimento sustentável
Gehlen, Ivaldo; Riella, Alberto

 ·  The blurred limits of peri-urban territories: a methodological proposal to examine their socio-economic situation and change processes
Durán, Francisco Entrena

 ·  A political dilemma at the historical crossroads of the process of regional integration in Latin America and the Caribbean
Rocha V., Alberto

 ·  The territorial approach to rural development and its external articulations
Shneider, Sérgio

 ·  Borders: from the imaginary line to the field of conflicts
Mélo, José Luiz Bica

 ·  Territorial policies, science & technology and the action of local and regional actors: the Highlands technological modernization area - State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Rückert, Aldomar Arnaldo

 ·  The simbolic power of cattle raisers' associations in contemporary Uruguay
Riella, Alberto; Andrioli, Alexandra

 ·  Challenges facing Social Sciences in contemporary scientific and technological development
Sobral, Fernanda

 ·  Cross-discourses: news programs on TV, free time for political propaganda on TV, and the construction of the electoral agenda
Miguel, Luis Felipe

 ·  Modernity, discipline and soccer: a sociological analysis of the social production of soccer players in Brazil
Rodrigues, Franciso Xavier Freire

 ·  Leaving "the shadows": perspectives for social, economic, cultural and political inclusion of visually impaired people in Porto Alegre
Brumer, Anita; Pavei, Katiuci; Mocelin, Daniel Gustavo

 Book Review
 ·  As prisões em São Paulo: (Prisons in São Paulo) 1822-1940. SALLA, Fernando
Chies, Luiz Antônio Bogo

 ·  Os trinta anos da pós-graduação em Sociologia

 ·  Teses e dissertações defendidas no Programa de Pós-Graduação em Sociologia