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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.13 Porto Alegre Jan.June 2005

 Dossier Society Law
 ·  Society, law, justice: conflictive relations, harmonious relations?
Rojo, Raúl Enrique; Azevedo, Rodrigo Ghiringhelli de

 ·  [RETRACTION] For a sociology of law, power, and domination
Rojo, Raúl Enrique

 ·  Courts and the new communication and information technologies
Santos, Boaventura de Sousa

 ·  Ideologies of professionalism under dispute within São Paulo's magistracy
Bonelli, Maria da Gloria

 ·  Power bodies: legal operators in São Paulo's outskirts
Sinhoretto, Jacqueline

 ·  Autonomy of will and legal pluralism today
Perrin, Jean-François

 ·  Relations between social control and globalization: fordism and discipline. Post-Fordism and punitive control
Bergalli, Roberto

 ·  Crime and criminal justice in Latin America
Azevedo, Rodrigo Ghiringhelli de

 ·  Lawsuits as data source: power and interpretation
Oliveira, Fabiana Luci de; Silva, Virgínia Ferreira da

 ·  Karl Mannheim's contribution to qualitative research: theoretical and methodological aspects
Weller, Wivian

 ·  Nationalism and authoritarianism in Alberto Torres
Souza, Ricardo Luiz de

 ·  Is the human body obsolete?
Gaya, Adroaldo

 Book Review
 ·  The Cemetery of the living: a sociological analysis of a female prison
Chies, Luiz Antônio Bogo