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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.15 Porto Alegre Jan./June 2006

 Dossier Complexity
 ·  Society and knowlege: order, chaos, and complexity
Baumgarten, Maíra

 ·  The epistemological impact of investigations on "complexity"
Jorge, Maria Manuel Araújo

 ·  Complexity in dialectical totality
Massé Narváez, Carlos

 ·  Knowledge and society: impertinent dialogues
Virginio, Alexandre Silva

 ·  Sociology in complexity
Lima, Gilson

 ·  What is complex in the complex world? Niklas Luhmann and the theory of Social systems
Neves, Clarissa Eckert Baeta; Neves, Fabrício Monteiro

 ·  Interdisciplinary practices
Pombo, Olga

 ·  The reinvention of bodies: for a pedagogy of complexity
Gaya, Adroaldo

 ·  Exclusion and social knowledge
Sosa Elízaga, Raquel

 ·  Social representations, institutions, and conflicts in water management in rural territories
Martins, Rodrigo Constante

 ·  The Catholic Church, social assistance, and charity: approximations and disagreements
Silva, Claudia Neves da

 ·  Machado de Assis, the established Outsider
Miskolci, Richard

 Book Review
 ·  La complexité, vertiges et promesses: 18 histoires de sciences
Raizer, Leandro

 ·  Ganchos, tachos e biscates: the epistemological and methodological unfoldings of a young sociology of Youth
Dal Molin, Fábio