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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.16 Porto Alegre July/Dec. 2006

 Dossier Society and Public Policies
 ·  Society, social participation, and public policies
Cortes, Soraya Vargas

 ·  Public policies: a literature review
Souza, Celina

 ·  Effects of decentralization on cross-government relations: Brazil from a comparative perspective
Falleti, Tulia

 ·  Public management performance: which variables are included in approval ratings in small towns?
Lubambo, Cátia W.

 ·  Higher teaching and skill development for employability: exploring the students' view
Zulauf, Monika

 ·  Civil society and democratic construction: from essentialist manichaeism to the relational approach
Silva, Marcelo Kunrath

 ·  Local public policies and participation in the Brazilian state of Bahia: the management versus politics dilemma
Milani, Carlos R. S.

 ·  Development and legitimation of third-sector organizations in Argentina: towards defining a peripheral isomorphism
Forni, Pablo; Leite, Lucimeire Vergilio

 ·  Beliefs, values, and social representations of violence
Porto, Maria Stela Grossi

 ·  Prison riots: new meanings after the Brazilian experience
Salla, Fernando

 ·  Mexico's geopolitics in Central America: regional hegemony?
Rocha, Alberto

 Book Review
 ·  The abnormals
Almeida, Francis Moraes de