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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.18 Porto Alegre July/Dec. 2007

 Dossier Wealth and Inequalities
 ·  Welth: totem and taboo
Cattani, Antonio David

 ·  Sociology of the haute bourgeoisie
Pinçon, Michel; Pinçon-Charlot, Monique

 ·  Concentration of wealth, millionaires, and reproduction of poverty in Latin America
Alvarez Leguizamón, Sonia

 ·  Socioeconomic inequalities: concepts and research problems
Cattani, Antonio David

 ·  Brazil's largest private banks: an economic and sociopolitical profile
Minella, Ary Cesar

 ·  Justice as equality: the perceptions of the brazilian elite and the people
Scalon, Celi

 ·  Families, power, and wealth: political networks in the state of Paraná in 2007
Oliveira, Ricardo Costa de

 ·  The schooling of the affluent classes
Cattani, Antonio David; Kieling, Francisco dos Santos

 ·  Development and labor relations in southern brazilian tobacco culture
Lima, Ronaldo Guedes de

 ·  Citizenship versus diversity and marginalization?
Guillén, Diana

 ·  Network activism and identity connections: new perspectives for social movements
Machado, Jorge Alberto S.

 ·  Image interpretation and the documental method
Bohnsack, Ralf

 ·  An ode to humanism
Sader, Emir

 Book Review
 ·  Culture and citizen security: in search of violence control in Colombia
Gaviria M, Margarita Rosa