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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.19 Porto Alegre Jan./June 2008

 Dossier knowledge, networks and society
 ·  Knowledge and networks: production and appropriation of science and technology
Baumgarten, Maíra; Marques, Ivan da Costa

 ·  Creativity, communication and knowledge production
Sales, Arnaud

 ·  The lure of plant genetic engineering for colombian scientists
Holmes, Christina

 ·  No patent, no generic: pharmaceutical access and the politics of the copy
Hayden, Cori

 ·  Day-to-day routine of the Manguinhos Institute
Cukierman, Henrique Luiz; Teixeira, Márcia de Oliveira

 ·  Technoscience, democracy, and ethical challenges of biotechnology in Brazil
Silveira, Cristiane Amaro da; Almeida, Jalcione

 ·  Social capital and the privatization of knowledge
Saul, Renato P.

 ·  (Re)thinking culture and education within the work context: trends, perspectives and possibilities of articulation
Torres, Leonor Maria de Lima

 ·  Industrial restructuring, unemployment and self-management: the cooperatives in the Sinos Valley
Lima, Jacob Carlos

 ·  The media and the declining trust in politics
Miguel, Luis Felipe

 ·  The construction of epistemologically based socio-educational objects
Massé Narváez, Carlos E.

 ·  Entrevista com Michel Callon: dos estudos de laboratório aos estudos de coletivos heterogêneos, passando pelos gerenciamentos econômicos
Callon, Michel

 Book Review
 ·  The conjunction of sustainability, consumption and social actors
Ruscheinsky, Aloísio

 ·  The hacker work ethic: breaking out of the iron cage?
Mocelin, Daniel Gustavo