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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.20 Porto Alegre July/Dec. 2008

 Dossier Violences, Fear and Prevention
 ·  Violências, medo e prevenção
Santos, José Vicente Tavares dos

 ·  Ambivalence and fear: facets of the risks in modernity
Brito, Daniel Chaves de; Barp, Wilson José

 ·  Exclusion, illegality and criminal organizations in Brazil
Schabbach, Letícia Maria

 ·  Social control expressed in social representations of violence, insecurity and fear
Margarita Rosa Gaviria, M.

 ·  The admission of bachelors of Law in the Military Police of Rio Grande do Sul
Rudnicki, Dani

 ·  Social control and conflict mediation: women's police stations and domestic violence
Nobre, Maria Teresa; Barreira, César

 ·  Impersonation and digital certification: proposals for the control of phishing frauds
Gabaldón, Luis Gerardo; Pereira, Wílmer

 ·  Public policies of telecentres and violence prevention
Lima, Gilson; Furtado, Vivian

 ·  The role of the police ombudsman
Zaverucha, Jorge

 ·  Liberalism and democracy in Oliveira Vianna's polical sociology
Silva, Ricardo

 ·  The triple frontier region: territories of integration and disintegration
Fogel, Ramón

 ·  State and collective actions in South Africa and Brazil: for a contemporary sociology of non-model countries
Rosa, Marcelo

 ·  Octávio Ianni: a ironia apaixonada
Ortiz, Renato

 Book Review
 ·  Utopia and reality in pessoa(s)
Florentino, Renata