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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.21 Porto Alegre Jan./June 2009

 Dossier Gender, family and globalization
 ·  Gender, family and globalization
Brumer, Anita

 ·  Precariousness and the international and sexual division of labor
Hirata, Helena

 ·  Power and violence against women's bodies
Femenías, María Luisa; Rossi, Paula Soza

 ·  Work, temporality and gender relations: an analysis of the relationship between housework and paid work
Cyrino, Rafaela

 ·  Miscegenation, racialization and gender
Costa, Rosely Gomes

 ·  Familism and social change: the case of Spain
Sánchez Vera, Pedro; Bote Díaz, Marcos

 ·  Queer Theory and Sociology: the challenging analysis of normalization
Miskolci, Richard

 ·  Visions of postmodernity: discourses and theoretical perspectives
Adelman, Miriam

 ·  Health participation: what are we talking about?
Vianna, Maria Lucia Teixeira Werneck; Cavalcanti, Maria de Lourdes; Cabral, Marta de Pina

 ·  Sociological construction of the rural space: from opposition to appropriation
Carmo, Renato Miguel do

 ·  The Values of Solidarity Economy
Azambuja, Lucas Rodrigues

 ·  The meanings of violence in the television message
Magalhães, Nara

 ·  Management challenges in the reconfiguration of the Brazilian bureaucratic administration
Rezende, Flávio da Cunha

 Book Review
 ·  The universal and the particular in Brazilian sociology of social change
Botelho, André