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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.22 Porto Alegre July/Dec. 2009

Anita, Brumer; Maíra, Baumgarten

 Dossier Methodology and Transdisciplinarity
 ·  The scientific practice in the "age of knowledge": methodology and transdisciplinarity
Baumgarten, Maíra

 ·  Interdisciplinariedad y convergencia tecnocientífica nano-bio-info-cogno
Echeverría, Javier

 ·  A comparison of the most different cases: a pioneer method in the era of globalization
Giraud, Olivier

 ·  Research practice and "public sociology": a discussion on possible and not-so-possible intersections
Mello, Leonardo

 ·  The second parts may be better: some reflections on the use of secondary data in qualitative research
Scribano, Adrián; Sena, Angélica de

 ·  From intellectual craft to the virtual context: methodological tools for social research
Santos, Tania Steren dos

 ·  The debate on the autonomy/non-autonomy of technology in society
Trigueiro, Michelangelo Giotto Santoro

 ·  Managerial improvement and technological innovation
Andrade, Thales Novaes de; Moreira Jr., Airton

 ·  The "zero inspection" movement and the rural employers' opposition to the settlement policies in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Ros, César Augusto da

 ·  The social origin of the deputies of the state of Paraná, Brazil (1995-2006): some findings and some issues of research
Perissinoto, Renato; Costa, Luiz Domingos; Tribess, Camila

 ·  Eugenics and the Rockefeller Foundation in Brazil: health as an instrument of national regeneration
Kobayashi, Elisabete; Faria, Lina; Costa, Maria Conceição da

 ·  The country of football" in the media: the relationship between the media and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil
Gastaldo, Édison

 Book Review
 ·  Reconstruction of a sociological object
Garcia, Sandro Ruduit

 ·  Sociology of risk: the globalization of reflexive modernity
Motta, Renata