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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.23 Porto Alegre Jan./Apr. 2010

 Dossier Democracy, Power and Security
 ·  Democracia, Poderes e Segurança: reflexões
Santos, José Vicente Tavares dos

 ·  Direct Democracy and Parliamentary Democracy: a brief history of the democratic institutions
Menezes, Marilde Loiola de

 ·  Marx's ideology and Foucault's discourse: convergence and distanciation
Machado, Sérgio Bacchi

 ·  The brazilian semi-democracy: authoritarianism or democracy?
Nóbrega Jr., José Maria Pereira da

 ·  Is it possible to control police officers?
Oliveira, Antonio

 ·  The trajectory of judicial review in the brazilian constitutional design: tutelage, autonomy and judicialization
Carvalho, Ernani

 ·  The techno-social networks and the democratization of public policies
Egler, Tamara Tania Cohen

 ·  Global agents and the local level: the Gravataí automotive complex
Garcia, Sandro Ruduit

 ·  The acknowledgment of the precarious social identity in the primary aluminum industry in the state of Pará, Brazil
Barbosa, Attila Magno e Silva

 ·  Technological change and quality of employment in the telecommunications
Mocelin, Daniel Gustavo

 ·  Women, UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and the need for national plans
Fritz, Jan Marie

 ·  Catholicism as an object of Social Sciences in Brazil
Steil, Carlos Alberto; Herrera, Sonia Reyes

 ·  The feeling of insecurity in the discourse on crime
Leal, José Manuel Pires

 Book Review
 ·  The Legacy of Foucault
Andrade, Daniel Pereira

 ·  Liquid Times
Basílio, Márcio Pereira