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Table of contents
Sociologias vol.12 no.24 Porto Alegre May/Aug. 2010

 Dossier: Public Policies and Citizenship
 ·  Apresentação
Gugliano, Alfredo; Cortes, Soraya Vargas

 ·  Citizenship as consumption or citizenship as agency: comparing democratizing reforms in Bolivia and Brazil
Oxhorn, Philip

 ·  Between the neo-corporatist and the deliberative: an interpretation of the paradigms in the analysis of the participatory forums in Brazil
Cortes, Soraya Vargas; Gugliano, Alfredo

 ·  Social science and public policy in Chile: what does the state research, how is it done, and what is it for?
Garretón, Manuel Antonio; Cruz, María Angélica; Espinoza, Francisco

 ·  Federalism, electoral dynamics and public policies in Brazil: a typology and some hypotheses
Borges, André

 Dossier: Public Policies and Citizenship
 ·  Salt as solution? health policies and endemic rural diseases in Brazil (1940-1960)
Hochman, Gilberto

 ·  The degradation of labor and nature in the context of the sugarcane monoculture in São Paulo, Brazil
Silva, Maria Aparecida de Moraes; Martins, Rodrigo Constante

 ·  Employee participation in the company: contrasts between the Japanese model and the self-management proposals
Novaes, Henrique; Dagnino, Renato

 ·  Representativeness and innovation in the management of the participatory processes: the case of the Brazilian organizations of family farmers
Abramovay, Ricardo; Magalhães, Reginaldo; Schroder, Mônica

 ·  The debate on abortion rights: the involvement of catholic groups in the health committee of the Buenos Aires legislature
Irrazábal, Gabriela

 ·  The end of the passe and the transfer of Brazilian players in an era of globalization
Rodrigues, Francisco Xavier Freire

 ·  Dreams that cross borders: senses constructed from the migration process
Marin, Elizara Carolina; Pozobon, Rejane de Oliveira

 ·  Limitations of the well-intentioned reformism
Rosso, Sadi Dal

 ·  The diversity of accents: the english language and the social sciences
Fetz, Marcelo