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Table of contents
Sociologias vol.14 no.29 Porto Alegre Jan./Apr. 2012

 Dossier Society and Education: Contemporary Dilemmas
 ·  Introduction
Neves, Clarissa Eckert Baeta

 ·  Upstream and downstream school inequalities: School organization and diplomas influence
Dubet, François; Duru-Bellat, Marie; Vérétout, Antoine

 ·  Latin America's education in globalized times
Stromquist, Nelly P.

 ·  Sociology and higher education: convergence or divergence?
Martins, Carlos Benedito

 ·  The other "iron cage": from school exclusion fatalism to rescuing the meaning of education. A sociological perspective
Marrero, Adriana

 ·  Teaching in large classes: challenges and perspectives
Lelis, Isabel

 ·  Education and democratic society: sociological interpretations and challenges to political education of educators
Virginio, Alexandre Silva

 ·  Modernization, Dependency and Marginality: conceptual itinerary of Latin American sociology
Cortés M, Alexis

 ·  Sociology of religious vocation: family reproduction and Church reproduction
Seidl, Ernesto

 ·  Is a sociology of the subject possible? An approach to the theories of Foucault and Touraine
Furlin, Neiva

 ·  Technological platforms and the biomedical research practices - preliminary notes on the use of global mechanisms and local institutions
Teixeira, Márcia de Oliveira

 Book Review
 ·  Crisis, invitation to action and a Communist Manifesto
Dal Rosso, Sadi