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Matéria (Rio de Janeiro)
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Matéria (Rio J.) vol.11 no.3 Rio de Janeiro July/Sept. 2006

A Revista Matéria associa-se ao Congresso Anual da ABM
Monteiro, Sergio Neves

High pressure sintering of the WC/10Co alloy
Rodrigues, Márcio Ferreira; Bobrovnitchii, Guerold Sergueevitch; Quintanilha, Ronaldo; Cândido, Rodolfo; Silva, Gilbert; Filgueira, Marcello

Development of a new route to process diamond cutting tools: powder metallurgy and swage
Filgueira, Marcello; Pinatti, Daltro Garcia

Pullout test in lignocellulosic fibers: a methodology of analysis
Monteiro, Sergio N.; d'Almeida, José Roberto M.

Mechanical behavior and structural characteristics of polymeric composites reinforced with continuous and aligned curaua fibers
Monteiro, Sergio N.; Aquino, Regina Coeli M. P.; Lopes, Felipe P. D.; Carvalho, Eduardo A. de; d'Almeida, José Roberto M.

Charpy impact notch toughness of piassava fibers reinforced polyester matrix composites
Monteiro, Sergio N.; Aquino, Regina Coeli M. P.; Lopes, Felipe P. D.; d'Almeida, José Roberto M.

Use of fine gnaisse into roofing tiles body
Vieira, C. M. F.; Henriques, D. N.; Peiter, C. C.; Carvalho, E. A.; Monteiro, S. N.

Clayey ceramic incorporated with oily waste from the petroleum industry
Vieira, C. M. F.; Monteiro, S. N.

Characterization and utilization prospects of rare-earth oxides concentrated to zinc oxide-based varistor ceramics manufacturing
Furtado, J. G. M.; Saléh, L. A.; Serra, E. T.; Nóbrega, M. C. S.

Evaluation of some physical-mechanical properties of ceramic bodies incorporated with welding slag waste
Morete, G. F.; Paranhos, R. P. R.; Holanda, J. N. F.

Influence of additional thermal treatment on the wear resistance of cubic boron nitride inserts
Bobrovnitchii, Guerold; Filgueira, Marcello

The influence of the anion type on the sinterability and the electrical characteristics of varistor ceramics obtained from colloidal solutions
Furtado, J. G. M.; Nóbrega, M. C. S.

Optical properties of Fe3+ substitutional impurities in LiGaSiO4 polycrystalline samples
Pedro, S. S.; Nakamura, O.; Barthem, R. B.; Sosman, L. P.

Effects of different organoclays on the properties of PET/Bentonite composites
Leite, Itamara Farias; Raposo, Claudia M. O.; Carvalho, Laura Hecker; Silva, Suédina M. L.

Production and characterization of zinc oxide thin films intrinsic and doped with aluminum and boron
Dias, Claudio André Chagas Martins; Paes Júnior, Herval Ramos

Analysis of a complex composite through digital electron microscopy and image analysis
Oliveira, Júlia Gomes Ázara de; Torres, Amelia Angélica Ulloa; Paciornik, Sidnei; d'Almeida, José Roberto Moraes; Maurício, Marcos Henrique de Pinho

Analysis of the deformations in steel pipes repaired with carbon/epoxy composites
Thomazi, Cinthia Thaís de Carvalho Luz; Levy Neto, Flaminio

Comparative evaluation of film thickness and compressive strength of glass ionomer luting cements, conventional versus resin modified glass ionomer
Carvalho, Gustavo Tedesco de; Ogasawara, Tsuneharu

Comparative study of some conventional glass-ionomer cements
Corrêa, Luis Gustavo Pessoa; Ogasawara, Tsuneharu

Numerical simulation of the mechanical behavior of thin wall polymeric pipes subjected to internal pressure
Faluhelyi, Peter; Levy Neto, Flamínio

Processing of thick composite plate by resin transfer molding process
Amorim Júnior, Wanderley F. de; Chaves, Gustavo Queiroz; Calado, Verônica M. A.; Bastian, Fernando Luiz

Additives influence on the injectability of tricalcium phosphate bone cement
Alves, Hugo Leonardo Rocha; Santos, Luis Alberto dos; Bergmann, Carlos Pérez

Thermal analysis of PEEK/carbon laminates submitted to different processing routes
Gatti, M. C. A.; Silva, R. V. da; Tarpani, J. R.

Synthesis, characterization, and "in vitro" degradation of poly(L-lactic acid-co-glycolic acid), PLGA
Motta, A.C.; Duek, E.A.R.

Study on the tensile strength and elongation of thin wall ductile iron
David, P.H.; Massone, J. M.; Sikora, J.A.

Characterization of kaolinite microstructure by x ray diffraction
Araújo, Jorge Corrêa de; Assis, Joaquim Teixeira de; Monine, Vladimir Ivanovitch; Bertolino, Luiz Carlos