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Matéria (Rio de Janeiro)
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Table of contents
Matéria (Rio J.) vol.12 no.4 Rio de Janeiro Dec. 2007

The journal matéria on the way to the frontier of knowledge on materials
Miranda, Paulo Emílio V. de

Dendritic morphology of g precipitate in a b CuZnAl ma
Castro, M.L.; Fornaro, O.

Bismuth, nickel, tin and aluminium influence on galvanized coating thickness
De Lima, Graziela; Guesser, W.L.; Masiero, I.

SAN/NBR blends: influence of acrylonitrile content and the viscosity of the rubber phase on the mechanical properties
Leitzke, Tatiana Cunha; Pezzin, Ana Paula Testa; Pezzin, Sérgio Henrique

Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured ceramics powders for biomedical applications
Camargo, Nelson Heriberto de Almeida; Bellini, O. J.; Gemelli, Enori; Tomiyama, M.

Electrodeposition of nickel plates on copper substrates using PC y PRC
Aperador Chaparro, William Arnulfo; Lopez, Enrique Vera

Methodology for application of the topographical analysis to the study of surface processes
Unda, Andrés G.R.; Lin, Vanessa F.C.; De Godoy, Geralda Cristina Durães

A combined test for randomness of spatial distribution of composite microstructures
Scalon, João Domingos

Simulation of microstructures of ternary alloys via Phase Field method
Furtado, Alexandre Ferreira

Cortical bone porosity visualization using mercury porosimetry intrusion data
Cardoso, Antônio V.; Oliveira, Walisson José; Vaz, G.J.O.

Comparative behaviour in terms of wear and corrosion resistance of galvanized and zinc-iron coated steels
Souza, Maria Eliziane Pires; Ariza, Edith; Ballester, Margarita; Rocha, Luís Augusto; Freire, Célia M. A.