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Matéria (Rio de Janeiro)
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Matéria (Rio J.) vol.13 no.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan./Mar. 2008

Editorial: Journal Matéria and ABM: a successful partnership

Biosynthesis and characterization of biodegradable Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) from renewable sources
Pereira, S.M.F.; Rodriguez, R.S.; Gomes, J.G.C.

Barkhausen noise and magneto acoustic emission in ferromagnetic materials
Ruiz, D.H.; Piotrkowski, R.; Lopez Pumarega, M.I.; Ruzzante, J.

Diamond beads obtained by powder metallurgy: technology nationalization
De Oliveira, L.J.; Filgueira, M.

Prediction of elastic properties of thermo structural composites with multidirectional reinforcement
Ribeiro, J.L.P.; Gregori, M.L.; Pardini, L.C.

Influence of handling and heating cycle on the morphology and flexural strength of glass-infiltrated alumina bars
Da Silva, F.T.; Barbejat, A.; Filho, H.S.

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Evaluation of SiO2-CaO-Al2O3-MgO slag mechanism attack in MgO-C refractory bricks
Trommer, R.M.; Correia Lima, A.N.; Vicenzi, J.; Zimmer, A.; Bragança, S.R.; Bergamann, C.P.

Characterization of polyester films by low pressure O2 plasma
Costa, T.H.C.; Feitor, M.C.; Alves Junior, C.; Bezerra, C.M.

Analysis of the influence of the different times of polymerization by incandescent light in composite resins by evaluation of its abrasive wear
Cruz, C.E.D.; Santana, L.R.S.; Bianchi, E.C.; De Aguiar, P.R.; Silva Junior, C.E.; Catai, R.E.; De Freitas, C.A.; Salgado, M.H.; Freitas, M.F.A.; Ulhoa, M.P.M.

Processing and abrasive wear of epoxy-silica based composites for use in polishing crowns of dimension stones
De Oliveira, O.C.; Matos, M.R.; De Oliveira, L.J.; Bobrovnitchii, G.S.; Aigueira, R.B.; Filgueira, M.

Use of glass waste as a fluxing agent for manufacturing of porcelain stoneware tiles
Luz, A.P.; Ribeiro, S.

Martensitic stainless steel AISI 420 nitrided by cathodic cage technique
Sousa, R.M.; De Araújo, F.O.; Ribeiro, K.J.B.; De Sousa, R.S.; Barbosa, J.C.P.; Alves Júnior, C.

Effect of the experimental variables on the Al-6Si-3Cu-xMg T6 microhardness alloy
Alfonso, I.; Maldonado, C.; González, J.G.; Medina, A.

Cathodic cage plasma nitriding: influence of the treatment time
Sousa, R.M.; De Araújo, F.O.; Barbosa, J.C.P.; Oliveira, R.S.; Ribeiro, K.J.B.; Mendes, M.W.D.; Alves Junior, C.

Influence of compacting pressure on the magnetic and structural properties in Gd5Ge2.15Si1.85 alloy obtained by powder metallurgy
Trevizoli, P.V.; Alves, C.S.; Mendes, M.A.B.; Magnus, A.; GAMA, S.

Electrical characterization of thin films of Al2O3 deposited on GaAs by spray pyrolysis technique
Chávez-Ramírez, J.; Aguilar-Frutis, M.; Burillo, G.; López-Romero, S.; Alvarez-Fregoso, O.; Falcony, C.; Flores-Morales, C.

Numerical modeling of a high-pressure type 2 cylinder for storing natural gas for vehicles
De Mattos, G.B.; Lopes, L.C.R.; Villani, A.P.G.; Silva, T.C.; Gouvêia, J.P.; Moreira, L.P.; De Senne, A.

Development of lanthanum chromites-based materials for solid oxide fuel cell interconnects
Furtado, J.G.M.; Oliveira, R.N.

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Development of a hybrid composite with synthetic and natural fibers
Da Silva, R.V.; Aquino, E.M.F.; Rodrigues, L.P.S.; Barros, A.R.F.

Microstructural characteristics of brazilian graphite produced carbonado diamond
Rangel, J.J.A.; Monteiro, S.N.; Bobrovnitchii, G.S.; Skury, A.L.D.

Oxidation resistance of a liquid phase-sintered silicon carbide
Santos, C.; Strecker, K.; Simba, B.G.; Bondioli, M.J.

Impact toughness of jute fabric reinforcing recycled polyethylene matrix composites
Camerini, A.L.; Terrones, L.A.H.; Monteiro, S.N.

Uniaxial tensile tests with temperature variation in adhesive used in bonded joints of GFRP pipes applied in offshore platforms
Pessanha, M.C.R.; Dias, D.P.; Filgueira, M.; Paranhos, R.P.R.; De Farias, O.L.

Microstructural changes of clayey ceramic incorporated with iron ore tailings
Souza, C.C.; Vieira, C.M.F.; Monteiro, S.N.

Desenvolvimento de um novo compósito abrasivo de desbaste de rochas ornamentais
De Azeredo, S.R.; Bobrovnitchii, G.S.; Guimarães, R.S.; Filgueira, M.

Bentonite/polymer compound development to application in drilling fluids: Part 2
Amorim, L.V.; Barbosa, M.I.R.; Ferreira, H.C.

Recycling of waste from the paper production into red ceramic
Pinheiro, R.M.; Vieira, C.M.F.; Rodriguez, R.S.; Monteiro, S.N.

"Hard metal - cubic boron nitride" composite
Bobrovnitchii, G.S.; Filgueira, M.; Gomes, U.U.; Tardim, R.C.

Micrographic characterization of lanthanum glass infiltrated alumina dental prosthesis and its correlation to the three-point flexural strength
Ogasawara, T.; Silva, P.T.G.; Silva, R.C.; Pinto, V.B.B.

Inquiry on the decomposition and recrystallization of high temperature supercondutor Bi-2223
Bispo, E.R.; Polasek, A.; Neves, M.A.; Rizzo, F.