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Matéria (Rio de Janeiro)
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Matéria (Rio J.) vol.13 no.2 Rio de Janeiro Apr./June 2008

Innovation, science and something else
Miranda, Paulo Emílio Valadão de

Microstructural influence of Pb-0.85wt%Sb casting alloy on its electrochemical behavior
Osorio, W.R.; Rosa, D.M.; Garcia, A.

Transformation of hexagonal boron nitride in cubic boron nitride with catalytic magnesium
Junior, J.S.; Ramalho, A.M.; Bobrovnitchii, G.S.

Determination of reduction of the weld line strength in injection molded
Bom, R.P.; Kalin, A.F.

Microstructural changes of clayey ceramic incorporated with filter sludge from water treatment plant
Vieira, C.M.F.; Margem, J.I.; Monteiro, S.N.

Carbon steel corrosion into sulphate medium in the presence of bacterium Salmonella anatum
Da Silva, R.C.B.; Pontes Filho, T.R.

Simulation of the aluminum alloy A356 solidification cast in cylindrical permanent molds
Bencomo, A.; Bisbal, R.; Morales, R.

Glow-discharge nitriding of ISO 5832-1 austenitic stainless steel: influence of treatment time
Dos Reis, R.F.; Maliska, A.M.; Borges, P.C.

Eletrochemical hydrogenation of Nd2Fe17 and Nd2Fe15.5Ga1.5
De Melo, A.C.; Zampronio, M.A.; Colucci, C.C.; Destefano, A.; Souza, N. E.; Alves, C.S.

Influence of cooling rate on corrosion of casting stainless steel
Mariano, N.A.; Murolo, J.P.; Pereira, V.F.; Pallone, A.S.N.; Tommaselli, M.A.G.

Specific surface area and structures of aluminas from fibrillar pseudoboehmite
Vieira Coelho, A.C.; Rocha, G.A.; Souza Santos, P.; Souza Santos, H.; Kiyohara, P.K.

Nitriding using cathodic cage technique of martensitic stainless steel AISI 420 with addition of CH4
De Sousa, R.R.M.; De Araújo, F.O.; Da Costa, J.A.P.; De Sousa, R.S.; Alves JR., C.

Preparation and characterization of modified electrodes of Pt and Pd by poly-{trans-[RuCl2(vpy)4]} employing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Paula, M.M.S.; Zanini, L.C.; Martini, E.; Franco, C.V.

Electrochemical preparation of PtRu bimetallic electrodes supported by carbonaceous substrates for the acid oxidation of methanol and their characterization
Sieben, J.M.; Duarte, M.M.E.; Mayer, C.E.

Characterization of three superplastic alloys using dynamic mechanic analysis
Martínez-Flores, E. E.; Negrete, J.; Torres-Villaseñor, G.

Co2Z hexaferrite obtained by the citrate precursor method in an inert atmosphere
Caffarena, V.R.; Ogasawara, T.; Capitaneo, J.L.; Pinho, M.S.

Numeric simulation of the friction-agitation welding process in stainless steels
Pereyra, S.; Lombera, G.; Urquiza, S.; Santiago, D.; De Vedia, L.A.

Alternative of recycling residues of polyurethane rigid foam with ABS
Bom, R.P.

Mechanical and microstructural characterization of a multiphase microalloyed steel
Eilises, C.C.A.; Hashimoto, T. M.; Abdalla, A.J.; Pereira, M.S.

Interfacial relaxation phenomena in epoxy/aluminum composites
Ramajo, L.; Castro, M.S.; Reboredo, M.M.

Effect of skin pass roll bending in flatness of steel strips
Silva, C.N.; Araújo, F.G.S.; Fagundes JR., J.; Cota, A.B.