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Matéria (Rio de Janeiro)
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Matéria (Rio J.) vol.17 no.2 Rio de Janeiro  2012

Nanotechnology and the Science and Engineering of Materials
Miranda, Paulo Emílio V. de

Study of the blend of diglycidyl ether of bisphenol-A with copolymer of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate)-g-poly(methyl methacrylate) by dielectric spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimeter
Leyva, M.E.; Garcia, F.G.; Soares, B.G.

Optical and microstructural properties of electrodeposited CdTe thin films
Cruz, L.R.; San Miguel, Q.G.S.

Fabrication and characterization of alumina foams for application in radiant porous burners
Herrera, A.M.; Álvarez, O.; Escobar, J.; Moreno, V.; Oliveira Jr., A.A.M.; Hotza, D.

Photocatalysis methyl red dye with TiO2 obtained by the Pechini method
Ribeiro, P.C.; Lira, H.L.; Sasaki, J.M.; Costa, A.C F. M.

Steel Fibers in concrete blocks: study for marine environment utilization
Migliorini, A.V.; Guimarães, A.T.C.; Ozório, B.P.M.

Primary dendritic spacings during the horizontal directional solidification of Sn-5%Pb alloy
Nogueira, M.R.; Carvalho, D.B.; Moreira, A.L.; Dias Filho, J.M.; Rocha, O.L.

Effect of sisal fiber hornification on the adhesion with portland cement matrices
Ferreira, S.R.; Lima, P.R.L.; Silva, F.A.; Toledo Filho, R.D.

Influence of plasma species on the surface properties modification of titanium treated with a N2-Ar-O2 plasma
Braz, D.C.; Barbosa, J.C.P.; Nunes Filho, A.; Rocha, R.C.S.; Silva, D.R.; Alves JR, C.