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Pesquisa Odontológica Brasileira
Print version ISSN 1517-7491


Table of contents
Pesqui. Odontol. Bras. vol.15 no.4 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2001

 ·  In vitro quantitative evaluation of marginal microleakage in class II restorations confected with a glass ionomer cement and two composite resins
BIJELLA, Maria Fernanda Borro; BIJELLA, Maria Francisca Thereza Borro; SILVA, Salete Moura Bonifácio da

 ·  Morphological evaluation of the bonding between adhesive/composite resin and dentin irradiated with Er:YAG and Nd:YAG lasers: comparative study using scanning microscopy
ODA, Margareth; OLIVEIRA, Denise Cerqueira; LIBERTI, Edson Aparecido

 ·  In vitro study of the microleakage in cavities submitted to treatment with Er:YAG laser and restored with aesthetic materials
ODA, Margareth; ZÁRATE-PEREIRA, Paulo; MATSON, Edmir

 ·  Plaque removal by manual and electric toothbrushing among children
COSTA, Carolina Covolo da; COSTA FILHO, Luiz Cesar da; SÓRIA, Marina Lara; MAINARDI, Ana Paula Rorato

 ·  Prevalence of oral alterations in infants seen at the public pediatric dental clinics from Ponta Grossa - PR, Brazil
BALDANI, Márcia Helena; LOPES, Célia Maria Da Lozzo; SCHEIDT, William Abib

 ·  Odontogenic tumors: analysis of 127 cases
SANTOS, Jean Nunes; PEREIRA PINTO, Leão; FIGUEREDO, Cláudia Roberta Leite Vieira de; SOUZA, Lélia Batista de

 ·  Evaluation of three methods of DNA extraction from paraffin-embedded material for the amplification of genomic DNA by means of the PCR technique
MESQUITA, Ricardo Alves; ANZAI, Evelyn K.; OLIVEIRA, Rogério Nogueira; NUNES, Fábio Daumas

 ·  Analysis of squamous cell carcinomas by means of panoramic radiography and computed tomography
PEREIRA, Amanda Cáceres; CAVALCANTI, Marcelo de Gusmão Paraiso; TOSSATO, Patrícia dos Santos; GUIDA, Fábio José; DUAIK, Maria Cecília Andrea; KUROISHI, Márcia

 ·  Clinical comparative study of the quality of three digital radiographic systems, E-speed film and digitized film
BÓSCOLO, Frab Norberto; OLIVEIRA, Ana Emília Figueiredo de; ALMEIDA, Solange Maria de; HAITER, Claudia Fátima Silva; HAITER NETO, Francisco

 ·  Influence of different methods of chemical disinfection on the physical properties of dies made of gypsum type IV and V
SOARES, Carlos Renato; UETI, Mario

 Materiais Dentários
 ·  Dimensional alteration of silver amalgam and gallium-based alloy
BALLESTER, Rafael Yagüe; MARKARIAN, Roberto Adrian; LOGUERCIO, Alessandro Dourado

 ·  Topical fluoride in the decline in the prevalence of caries in adolescents from Salvador - BA, 1996
CANGUSSU, Maria Cristina Teixeira; COSTA, Maria da Conceição Nascimento

 ·  Quantitative evaluation of Streptococcus mutans and Candida sp and salivary factors in the oral cavity of patients submitted to radiotherapy
SPOLIDORIO, Denise Madalena Palomari; SPOLIDORIO, Luís Carlos; BARBEIRO, Roberto Henrique; HÖFLING, José Francisco; BERNARDO, Wagner Luís Carvalho; PAVAN, Sabrina

 Saúde Bucal
 ·  Behavioral eating disorders and their effects on oral health in adolescence
TRAEBERT, Jefferson; MOREIRA, Emília Addison Machado