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Per Musi
On-line version ISSN 2317-6377


Table of contents
Per musi  no.23 Belo Horizonte Jan./June 2011

Borém, Fausto

 Artigos Científicos
 ·  Music analysis for "non-musos": popular perception as a basis for understanding musical structure and signification
Tagg, Philip

 ·  Carlos Guastavino and Lima Quintana's contribution to the world of the Argentinean New Song
Mansilla, Silvina Luz

 ·  The composition and interpretation by Victor Assis Brasil in Pro Zeca: hybridism between the Brazilian baião and bebop
Linhares, Leonardo Barreto; Borém, Fausto

 ·  Pro Zeca performed by Victor Assis Brasil
Brasil, Victor Assis

 ·  Victor Assis Brasil: the importance of the Berklee School of Music period (1969-1974) on his compositional style
Pinto, Marco Túlio de Paula

 ·  Phonogram 108.077 (Brazilian Odeon): George W. Johnson's lundum
Palombini, Carlos

 ·  The historical path of improvisation in ragtime and choro
Albino, César; Lima, Sonia R. Albano de

 ·  Tiger Rag as performed by the Quintet of the Hot Club of France: history, analysis and performance practices
Costa, Adriana

 ·  Tiger Rag (1917) as performed by Le Quintette du Hot Club de France (1934)
Costa, Adriana

 ·  Ragtime traces in the choro Segura ele [Hold him!] by Pixinguinha: composition, performance and iconography after the trip to Paris in 1922
Moreira Júnior, Nilton Antônio; Borém, Fausto

 ·  Pursuing clues to the puzzle: thoughts on hybridism, musicality and topics
Piedade, Acácio

 ·  Ernesto Nazareth and the waltz from Radamés Gnattali's Suíte Retratos
Lima, Luciano Chagas

 ·  Extra-musical elements in the work of K-Ximbinho: questions about musical iconography in their record covers between 1950s and 1960s
Costa, Pablo Garcia da; Castro, Beatriz Magalhães

 ·  Guerra-Peixe: an arranger of radio orchestras
Lacerda, Bruno Renato

 ·  The Roda de Choro musical and social analysis based on John Blacking's concept of musical order
Lara Filho, Ivaldo Gadelha de; Silva, Gabriela Tunes da; Freire, Ricardo Dourado

 ·  Horizontal and vertical structures: Pixinguinha and K-Ximbinho's models of improvisation in the Brazilian Music
Valente, Paula Veneziano

 ·  The Brazilian UAKTI group: three decades of instrumental music and new acoustical musical instruments
Andrés, Artur; Borém, Fausto

 Seção de Resenhas - "Pega na Chaleira"
 ·  Music, words and voice: a reader
Rocha, Maurilio Andrade

 ·  In an old example, different ways of doing musicology: a review of the book César Guerra-Peixe: Estudos de folclore e música popular urbana
Gomes, Rodrigo Cantos Savelli

 ·  The book Cavalo-marinho pernambucano by John Patrick Murphy
Moreira, Gabriel Ferrão