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Brazilian Journal of Microbiology
On-line version ISSN 1678-4405


Table of contents
Braz. J. Microbiol. vol.33 no.2 São Paulo Apr./June 2002

 ·  Sampling plan for the analysis of aflatoxin in peanuts and corn: an update
Fonseca, Homero

 ·  Production of extracellular proteases by Mucor circinelloides using D-glucose as carbon source / substrate
Andrade, Vânia Sousa; Sarubbo, Leonie Asfora; Fukushima, Kasutaka; Miyaji, Makoto; Nishimura, Kazuko; Campos-Takaki, Galba Maria de

 ·  Production of fumonisins by strains of Fusarium moniliforme according to temperature, moisture and growth period
Dilkin, Paulo; Mallmann, Carlos A.; Almeida, Carlos A.A. de; Stefanon, Eliza B.; Fontana, Fernanda Z.; Milbradt, Elisane L.

 ·  Polyphosphate in Zygomycetes: a cytochemical study
Shari'a, Allana Elesbão do Nascimento; Nascimento, Aline Elesbão do; Lima, Marcos Antonio Barbosa de; Campos-Takaki, Galba Maria de; Souza, Wanderley de

 ·  Woronin bodies in Penicillium janczewskii Zaleski
Pessoni, Rosemeire A.B.; Freshour, Glenn; Figueiredo-Ribeiro, Rita de Cássia L.; Hahn, Michael G.; Braga, Márcia R.

 ·  Genetic characterization of isolates of the basidiomycete Agaricus blazei by RAPD
Colauto, Nelson Barros; Dias, Eustáquio Souza; Gimenes, Marcos Aparecido; Eira, Augusto Ferreira da

 Food Microbiology
 ·  Citrininotoxinogenicity of Penicillium spp. isolated from decaying apples
Pepeljnjak, Stjepan; Šegvic, Maja; Ozegovic, Ladislav

 ·  Toxigenic fungi in beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) classes black and color cultivated in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Costa, Léa Luzia Freitas; Scussel, Vildes Maria

 ·  Bacterial and yeast counts in Brazilian commodities and spices
Freire, Francisco das Chagas Oliveira; Offord, Lisa

 Environmental and Soil Microbiology
 ·  Variability of isolated colonies in bean nodulating Rhizobium strains before and after exposure to high temperature
Raposeiras, Rui; Pinto, Patrícia P.; Passos, Raul V.M.; Seldin, Lucy; Paiva, Edilson; Scotti, M. Rita; Sá, Nadja M.H.

 ·  Sphenospora Kevorkianii, a rust fungus (Uredinales: Raveneliaceae) on the orchid Pleurothallis mentigera
Pereira, Olinto L.; Cavallazzi, José R.P.; Rollemberg, Christtianno L.; Kasuya, Maria C.M.

 Clinical and Medical Microbiology
 ·  Proteases (caseinase and elastase), hemolysins, adhesion and susceptibility to antimicrobials of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia isolates obtained from clinical specimens
Garcia, Doroti de Oliveira; Timenetsky, Jorge; Martinez, Marina Baquerizo; Francisco, Waldemar; Sinto, Sumiko I.; Yanaguita, Roberto Mitio

 ·  Sensitivity of AMPLICOR MTB on direct detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in smear-negative specimens from outpatients in Rio de Janeiro
Anjos Filho, Luciano dos; Oelemann, Walter M.R.; Barreto, Clara E.N.; Kritski, Afranio Lineu; Fonseca, Leila de Souza

 Basic Microbiology
 ·  Screening for antimicrobial activity of natural products using a microplate photometer
Devienne, Karina F.; Raddi, Maria Stella G.

 ·  Involvement of G proteins and cAMP in the production of chitinolytic enzymes by Trichoderma harzianum
Firmino, Alexandre A.P.; Ulhoa, Cirano J.; Sousa, Marcelo V.; Ferreira Filho, Edivaldo X.; Ricart, Carlos A.O.

 Veterinarian Microbiology
 ·  Leptospirosis in slaughtered sows: serological and histopathological investigation
Delbem, Ádina Cléia Botazzo; Freitas, Julio Cesar de; Bracarense, Ana Paula F. R. L.; Müller, Ernst Eckehardt; Oliveira, Rosângela Claret de

 Oral Microbiology
 ·  Influence of subinhibitory concentrations of antimicrobials on hydrophobicity, adherence and ultra-structure of Fusobacterium nucleatum
Okamoto, Ana C.; Gaetti-Jardim Jr., Elerson; Arana-Chavez, Victor E.; Avila-Campos, Mario J.