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Brazilian Journal of Microbiology
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Table of contents
Braz. J. Microbiol. vol.42 no.2 São Paulo Apr./June 2011

 Medical Microbiology
 ·  Multiresistance and endemic status of acinetobacter baumannii associated with nosocomial infections in a tunisian hospital: a critical situation in the intensive care units
Ben Othman, A.; Zribi, M.; Masmoudi, A.; Abdellatif, S.; Ben Lakhal, S.; Fendri, C.

 ·  A quantitative analysis of Propionibacterium acnes in lesional and non-lesional skin of patients with progressive macular hypomelanosis by real-time polymerase chain reaction
Cavalcanti, Silvana Maria de Morais; França, Emmanuel Rodrigues de; Magalhães, Marcelo; Lins, Ana Kelly; Brandão, Laura Costa; Magalhães, Vera

 ·  Detection of Bartonella henselae in defibrinated sheep blood used for culture media supplementation
Drummond, Marina Rovani; Pitassi, Luiza H. U.; Lania, Bruno G.; Santos, Silvio R. C. dos; Gilioli, Rovilson; Velho, Paulo E. N. F.

 ·  Antifungal activity of Cymbopogon winterianus jowitt ex bor against Candida albicans
Oliveira, Wylly Araújo de; Pereira, Fillipe de Oliveira; Luna, Giliara Carol Diniz Gomes de; Lima, Igara Oliveira; Wanderley, Paulo Alves; Lima, Rita Baltazar de; Lima, Edeltrudes de Oliveira

 ·  Isolation of Helicobacter pylori in gastric mucosa and susceptibility to five antimicrobial drugs in Southern Chile
Otth, Laura; Wilson, Myra; Fernández, Heriberto; Otth, Carola; Toledo, Claudio; Cárcamo, Victoria; Rivera, Paula; Ruiz, Luis

 ·  Development of conventional and real-time multiplex PCR assays for the detection of nosocomial pathogens
Anbazhagan, Deepa; Mui, Wang Seok; Mansor, Marzida; Yan, Gracie Ong Siok; Yusof, Mohd Yasim; Sekaran, Shamala Devi

 ·  Nasal rhinosporiodiosis from uttar pradesh (India): a non-endemic zone: first case report
Malhotra, Shalini; Bobade, Om Prakash; Chauhan, Ankit; Vishnoi, Nripen; Hans, Charoo

 ·  Prevalence of antimicrobial resistance and integrons in Escherichia Coli from Punjab, Pakistan
Muhammad, Idrees; Uzma, Mussarat; Yasmin, Badshah; Mehmood, Qadir; Habib, Bokhari

 ·  Resistance of Klebsiella Pneumoniae clinical isolates: linkage of outer membrane proteins (omps) with production esbls
Marques, Lívia Érika Carlos; Oliveira, Danielle Ferreira de; Marques, Márcia Maria Mendes; Silva, Ana Raquel Araújo da; Alves, Carlucio Roberto; Guedes, Maria Izabel Florindo

 ·  New antimicrobial combinations: substituted chalcones- oxacillin against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Talia, Juan Manuel; Debattista, Nora Beatriz; Pappano, Nora Beatriz

 ·  Evaluation of biofilm production by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa isolates recovered from cystic fibrosis and non-cystic fibrosis patients
Perez, L.R.R.; Costa, M.C.N.; Freitas, A.L.P.; Barth, A.L.

 ·  Species distribution and antimicrobial susceptibility of enterococci isolated from broilers infected experimentally with Eimeria spp and fed with diets containing different supplements
Cassenego, A.P.V.; d'Azevedo, P.A.; Ribeiro, A.M.L.; Frazzon, J.; Sand, S.T.Van Der; Frazzon, A. P. G.

 ·  The hydrophobicity and roughness of a nasoenteral tube surface influences the adhesion of a multi-drug resistant strain of Staphylococcus Aureus
Lima, J.C.; Andrade, N.J.; Soares, N.F.F.; Ferreira, S.O.; Fernandes, P.E.; Carvalho, C.C.P.; Lopes, J.P.; Martins, J.F.L

 Environmental Microbiology
 ·  Effect of culture medium on biocalcification by Pseudomonas Putida, Lysinibacillus Sphaericus and Bacillus Subtilis
Shirakawa, Márcia Aiko; Cincotto, Maria Alba; Atencio, Daniel; Gaylarde, Christine C.; John, Vanderley M.

 ·  Inoculation of tomato seedlings with Trichoderma Harzianum and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and their effect on growth and control of wilt in tomato seedlings
Mwangi, Margaret W.; Monda, Ethel O.; Okoth, Sheila A.; Jefwa, Joyce M.

 ·  A novel acidophilic, thermophilic iron and sulfur-oxidizing archaeon isolated from a hot spring of tengchong, yunnan, China
Ding, Jiannan; Zhang, Ruiyong; Yu, Yizun; Jin, Decai; Liang, Changli; Yi, Yang; Zhu, Wei; Xia, Jinlan

 ·  Enterobacteriaceae in mouth and cloaca of podocnemis expansa and P. Unifilis (testudines: chelonia) populations of national park of araguaia plains, Brazil
Morais, Paula Benevides de; Souza, Denise Rodrigues de; Sousa, Francisca Maria Pinheiro de; Oliveira, Kleverson Wessel de; Pimenta, Raphael Sanzio

 ·  Conservation tillage, optimal water and organic nutrient supply enhance soil microbial activities during wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) cultivation
Sharma, Pankaj; Singh, Geeta; Singh, Rana P.

 ·  The osmoprotective effect of some organic solutes on Streptomyces sp. mado2 and nocardiopsis sp. mado3 growth
Ameur, Hanane; Ghoul, Mostefa; Selvin, Joseph

 ·  Microbiological monitoring mf mineral water commercialized in Brazil
Pontara, André Venturini; Oliveira, Christianne Dezuani Dias de; Barbosa, Amir Horiquini; Santos, Rafael Aparecido dos; Pires, Regina Helena; Martins, Carlos Henrique Gomes

 ·  Quality of water sources used as drinking water in a Brazilian peri-urban area
Razzolini, Maria Tereza Pepe; Günther, Wanda Maria Risso; Peternella, Francisca Alzira dos Santos; Martone-Rocha, Solange; Bastos, Veridiana Karmann; Santos, Thaís Filomena da Silva; Cardoso, Maria Regina Alves

 ·  Identification and characterization of the endophytic plant growth prompter Bacillus Cereus strain mq23 isolated from Sophora Alopecuroides root nodules
Zhao, Longfei; Xu, Yajun; Sun, Ran; Deng, Zhenshan; Yang, Wenquan; Wei, Gehong

 ·  Quick adaptation of Ralstonia Solanacearum to copper stress to recover culturability and growth in water and soil
Ascarrunz, Sergio Daniel Moreira; Natsuaki, Tomohide; Honjo, Hitoshi; Fukui, Ryo

 Industrial Microbiology
 ·  Identification, isolation and optimization of antifungal metabolites from the Streptomyces Malachitofuscus ctf9
Sajid, Imran; Shaaban, Khaled A.; Hasnain, Shahida

 ·  "A comparison between sugar consumption and ethanol production in wort by immobilized Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Saccharomyces Ludwigii and Saccharomyces Rouxii on Brewer's Spent Grain"
Mohammadi, Aniseh; Razavi, Seyyed Hadi; Mousavi, Seyyed Mohammad; Rezaei, Karamatollah

 ·  Production flush of Agaricus blazei on Brazilian casing layers
Colauto, Nelson Barros; Silveira, Adriano Reis da; Eira, Augusto Ferreira da; Linde, Giani Andrea

 ·  Growth of the Ectomycorrhizal Fungus Pisolithus Microcarpus in different nutritional conditions
Rossi, Márcio José; Oliveira, Vetúria L.

 ·  Comparative study of two purified inulinases from thermophile Thielavia Terrestris NRRL 8126 and mesophile Aspergillus Foetidus NRRL 337 grown on Cichorium Intybus l
Fawzi, Eman Mohamed

 ·  Identification of the bacterial community responsible for traditional fermentation during sour cassava starch, cachaça and minas cheese production using culture-independent 16s rRNA gene sequence analysis
Lacerda, Inayara C. A.; Gomes, Fátima C. O.; Borelli, Beatriz M.; Faria Jr, César L. L.; Franco, Gloria R.; Mourão, Marina M.; Morais, Paula B.; Rosa, Carlos A.

 ·  Optimization of clavulanic acid production by Streptomyces daufpe 3060 by response surface methodology
Marques, Daniela A. Viana; Cunha, Márcia N. Carneiro; Araújo, Janete M.; Lima-Filho, José L.; Converti, Attilio; Pessoa-Jr, Adalberto; Porto, Ana L. Figueiredo

 ·  Isolation and characterization of a Pichia anomala strain: a promising candidate for bioethanol production
Tao, Nengguo; Gao, Yumei; Liu, Yuejin

 ·  Continuous ethanol production using immobilized yeast cells entrapped in loofa-reinforced alginate carriers
Bangrak, Phoowit; Limtong, Savitree; Phisalaphong, Muenduen

 ·  Characterization of class 1 integrons and antibiotic resistance genes in multidrug-resistant Salmonella enterica isolates from foodstuff and related sources
Ribeiro, Vinicius B.; Lincopan, Nilton; Landgraf, Mariza; Franco, Bernadete D.G.M.; Destro, Maria T.

 Food Microbiology
 ·  Brazilian kefir: structure, microbial communities and chemical composition
Magalhães, Karina Teixeira; Pereira, Gilberto Vinícius de Melo; Campos, Cássia Roberta; Dragone, Giuliano; Schwan, Rosane Freitas

 ·  Arcobacter butzleri: first isolation report from chicken carcasses in costa rica
Arias, Maria Laura; Cid, Adriana; Fernandéz, Heriberto

 ·  The neem [Azadirachta indica a: juss (meliaceae)] oil reduction in the in vitro production of zearalenone by Fusarium graminearum
Geraldo, Márcia Regina Ferreira; Costa, Christiane Luciana da; Arrotéia, Carla Cristina; Kemmelmeier, Carlos

 ·  Occurrence of subtilase cytotoxin and relation with other virulence factors in verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli isolated from food and cattle in Argentina
Velandia, Claudia V. Granobles; Mariel Sanso, A.; Krüger, Alejandra; Suárez, Lorena V.; Lucchesi, Paula M. A.; Parma, Alberto E.

 ·  Optimization of media components for enhanced production of streptococcus phocae pi80 and its bacteriocin using response surface methodology
Kanmani, P.; Satish kumar, R.; Yuvaraj, N.; Paari, K. A.; Pattukumar, V.; Arul, V.

 Veterinarian Microbiology
 ·  Mycoplasmas hyorhinis in different regions of cuba: diagnosis
Lobo, Evelyn; Poveda, Carlos; Suarez, Alejandro; Hernández, Yenney; Ramírez, Ana; Poveda, José B.

 ·  Tuberculosis determined by Mycobacterium bovis in captive waterbucks (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) in São Paulo, Brazil
Rocha, V.C.M.; Corrêa, S.H.R.; Oliveira, E.M.D.; Rodriguez, C.A.R.; Fedullo, J.D.; Matrone, M.; Setzer, A.; Ikuta, C.Y.; Vejarano, M.P.; Figueiredo, S.M.; Ferreira Neto, J.S.

 ·  Production of reactive oxygen (H2O2) and nitrogen (NO) intermediates and TNF-α in mice genetically selected for high (H) and low (L) antibody response and experimentally infected with Leptospira serovar pomona
Haanwinckel, Maria Cristina Santos; Oliveira, Silvio Luis de

 ·  Identification and antimicrobial resistance of microflora colonizing feral pig (Sus scrofa) of Brazilian Pantanal
Lessa, SS; Paes, RCS; Santoro, PN; Mauro, RA; Vieira-da-Motta, O

 ·  Immune response to dna vaccine expressing transferrin binding protein a gene of Pasteurella multocida
Singh, Satparkash; Singh, Vijendra Pal; Cheema, Pawanjit Singh; Sandey, Maninder; Ranjan, Rajeev; Gupta, Santosh Kumar; Sharma, Bhaskar

 Genetics and Molecular Microbiology
 ·  Identification of fungi of the genus Aspergillus section nigri using polyphasic taxonomy
Silva, Daiani M.; Batista, Luís R.; Rezende, Elisângela F.; Fungaro, Maria Helena P.; Sartori, Daniele; Alves, Eduardo

 ·  Assessment of the quality of dna extracted by two techniques from Mycobacterium tuberculosis for fast molecular identification and genotyping
Miyata, Marcelo; Santos, Adolfo Carlos Barreto; Mendes, Natália Helena; Cunha, Eunice Atsuko; Melo, Fernando Augusto Fiúza de; Leite, Clarice Queico Fujimura

 ·  Variations in the sensitivity of different primers for detecting Wolbachia in Anastrepha (diptera: tephritidae)
Marcon, Helena Sanches; Coscrato, Virgínia Elias; Selivon, Denise; Perondini, André Luiz Paranhos; Marino, Celso Luis

 ·  Diversity and uncommon HPV types in HIV seropositive and seronegative women attending an STI clinic
Mattos, Adriana Tonani de; Freitas, Luciana Bueno de; Lima, Bettina Moulin Coelho; Miranda, Angélica Espinosa; Spano, Liliana Cruz

 Microbial Physiology
 ·  Screening and optimization of pectin lyase and polygalacturonase activity from ginseng pathogen Cylindrocarpon Destructans
Sathiyaraj, Gayathri; Srinivasan, Sathiyaraj; Kim, Ho-Bin; Subramaniyam, Sathiyamoorthy; Lee, Ok Ran; Kim, Yeon-Ju; Yang, Deok Chun

 ·  Mycobacterium avium subsp. Paratuberculosis and the expression of selected virulence and pathogenesis genes in response to 6°c, 65°c and ph 2.0
Pribylova, Radka; Kralik, Petr; Donnelly, Neysan; Matiasovic, Jan; Pavlik, Ivo

 ·  Optimization of growth medium for protease production by Haloferax Lucentensis VKMM 007 by response surface methodology
Manikandan, Muthu; Kannan, Vijayaraghavan; Velikonja, Blagajana Herzog; Pašic, Lejla