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Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte
On-line version ISSN 1806-9940


Table of contents
Rev Bras Med Esporte vol.10 no.3 Niterói May/June 2004

 ·  Novo projeto editorial e autores internacionais na RBME

 · uma nova fase na história da RBME

 Original Articles
 ·  Development and validation of specific anthropometric equations to determine the body density of Brazilian Army military women
Salem, Marcelo; Fernandes Filho, José; Pires Neto, Cândido Simões

 ·  Influence of the aerobic and anaerobic training on the body fat mass in obese adolescents
Fernandez, Ana Cláudia; Mello, Marco Túlio de; Tufik, Sérgio; Castro, Paula Morcelli de; Fisberg, Mauro

 ·  Alteration of testosterone: cortisol ratio induced by resistance training in women
Uchida, Marco Carlos; Bacurau, Reury Frank Pereira; Navarro, Francisco; Pontes Jr., Francisco Luciano; Tessuti, Vitor Daniel; Moreau, Regina Lúcia; Rosa, Luís Fernando Bicudo Pereira Costa; Aoki, Marcelo Saldanha

 ·  Acute cardiovascular responses on knee extension at different performance modes
Polito, Marcos Doederlein; Rosa, Cássio Cibelli; Schardong, Pablo

 ·  Are there increases on the body weight during weekends and New Year celebrations? Analysis on participants in a supervised exercise program
Gomes, Paloma; Araújo, Claudio Gil Soares de

 ·  Proposition of an anthropometric criterion for diagnosis suspicion of muscle dysmorphia
Oliveira, Aldair José de; Araújo, Claudio Gil Soares de

 ·  Postural alterations in male Brazilian athletes who have participated in international muscular power competitions
Neto Júnior, Jayme; Pastre, Carlos Marcelo; Monteiro, Henrique Luiz

 ·  Arm cross-section areas: technical implications and applications for body composition and maximal dynamic strength evaluation
Pompeu, Fernando A.M.S.; Gabriel, Daniele; Pena, Bianca Gama; Ribeiro, Pedro

 Review Articles
 ·  Car racing: in the heat of competition
Rodrigues, Luiz Oswaldo Carneiro; Magalhães, Flávio de Castro

 ·  Current therapeutical options in diabetes mellitus type 2 and coronary artery disease: intensive secondary prevention with focus on exercise training versus percutaneous or surgical revascularization
Sixt, Sebastian; Korff, Nicolai; Schuler, Gerhard; Niebauer, Josef