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Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte
On-line version ISSN 1806-9940


Table of contents
Rev Bras Med Esporte vol.12 no.4 Niterói July/Aug. 2006

 Original Articles
 ·  Effect of oral arginine administration over blood pressure and cardiac parameters in rats submitted to chronic inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis
Ramos, Luciano; Labat, Rodrigo; Carvalho, Flávio Aimbire S.; Martin, Airton Brandão; Lopes-Martins, Rodrigo Álvaro B.

 ·  Analysis of two training programs with different rest periods between series based on guidelines for muscle hypertrophy in trained individuals
Lima, Fernando Vitor; Chagas, Mauro Heleno; Corradi, Erica Fischer Fernandes; Silva, Gisele Freire da; Souza, Brenda Bebiano de; Moreira Júnior, Luiz Antônio

 ·  Temporal independence of perceived exertion response and heart rate in relation to run velocity at a 10 km test simulation
Bertuzzi, Rômulo Cássio de Moraes; Nakamura, Fábio Yuzo; Rossi, Luiz Claudio; Kiss, Maria Augusta Peduti Dal'Molin; Franchini, Emerson

 ·  Study of the physical components implied with the angle of landing in the rolling movement executed at the floor apparatus in artistic gymnastic
Rasquinha, Edward; Kelencz, Carlos Alberto; Magini, Marcio

 ·  Effect of prior consumption of carbohydrate on the glycaemia and performance
Sapata, Katiuce Borges; Fayh, Ana Paula Trussardi; Oliveira, Alvaro Reischak de

 ·  Analysis of the relation between flexibility and passive stiffness of the hamstrings
Aquino, Cecília Ferreira de; Gonçalves, Gabriela Gomes Pavan; Fonseca, Sérgio Teixeira da; Mancini, Marisa Cotta

 ·  Dietetic profile, nutritional status and prevalence of central obesity in recreative soccer practitioners
Pontes, Luciano Meireles de; Sousa, Maria do Socorro Cirilo de; Lima, Roberto Teixeira de

 ·  Development of the running test in shallow water for women engaged in water exercises: reliability and norms for evaluation of the distance covered
Silva, Michele Heinen Alves da; Maranhão Neto, Geraldo de Albuquerque

 ·  Prevalence of risk factors of non-transmissible chronic diseases: the impact of 16 weeks of soccer training at nutritional status and physical aptitude indexes in society soccer practitioners
Pontes, Luciano Meireles de; Sousa, Maria do Socorro Cirilo de; Lima, Roberto Teixeira de; Campos, Roberto Dimas; Gomes, Enéas Ricardo de Moraes; Santos, Geraldo Luís dos; Nascimento, João Agnaldo do

 Review Article
 ·  Effects of sauna on cardiovascular and lifestyle-related diseases
Talebipour, B.; Rodrigues, L.O.C.; Moreira, M.C.V.

 ·  Heart rate and perceived exertion at aquatic environment: differences in relation to land environment and applications for exercise prescription - a review
Graef, Fabiane Inês; Kruel, Luiz Fernando Martins