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Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte
On-line version ISSN 1806-9940


Table of contents
Rev Bras Med Esporte vol.13 no.2 Niterói Mar./Apr. 2007

 Original Articles
 ·  Physical fitness diagnosis in schoolchildren of high socioeconomic status: evaluation for health criterion reference
Ronque, Enio Ricardo Vaz; Cyrino, Edilson Serpeloni; Dórea, Valfredo; Serassuelo Júnior, Helio; Galdi, Enori Helena Gemente; Arruda, Miguel de

 ·  Painful symptoms and associated factors in professional dancers
Dore, Bianca Fontes; Guerra, Ricardo Oliveira

 ·  Auditory and visual single reaction span in surfers with different ability levels: comparison of professional, amateur athletes and surf practitioners
Vaghetti, César Augusto Otero; Roesler, Helio; Andrade, Alexandro

 ·  Associated factors to physical activity practice in leisure in postpartum women
Kac, Gilberto; Pacheco, Alice Helena de Resende Nóra; Araújo, Daniele Marano Rocha; Rocha, Camilla Medeiros Macedo da; Sousa, Elton Bicalho de; Coelho, Natália de Lima Pereira; Oliveira, Lívia Costa de; Muniz, Bruna Moreira

 ·  Effects of isotonic resistance training at two movement velocities on strength gains
Pereira, Marta Inez Rodrigues; Gomes, Paulo Sergio Chagas

 ·  Influence of the level of physical activity over the cardiorespiratory capacity in older women
Krause, Maressa Priscila; Buzzachera, Cosme Franklin; Hallage, Tatiana; Pulner, Silviane Bini; Silva, Sergio Gregorio da

 ·  Six-minute gait test in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with different degrees of obstruction
Marino, Diego Marmorato; Marrara, Kamilla Tays; Di Lorenzo, Valéria Amorim Pires; Jamami, Maurício

 ·  Exercise program effectiveness on physical fitness, metabolic profile and blood pressure of hypertensive patients
Monteiro, Henrique L.; Rolim, Lívia M.C.; Squinca, Daniela A.; Silva, Fernando C.; Ticianeli, Carla C.C.; Amaral, Sandra L.

 ·  Aerobic fitness and its influence in the mental stress response in army personnel
Rodrigues, André Valentim Siqueira; Martinez, Eduardo Camillo; Duarte, Antônio Fernando Araújo; Ribeiro, Luiz Carlos Scipião

 ·  Acute cardiovascular responses in strenght training conducted in exercises for large and small muscular groups
D'Assunção, Welton; Daltro, Marcelo; Simão, Roberto; Polito, Marcos; Monteiro, Walace

 ·  Daily energy expenditure and plasmatic lipid-lipoprotein levels in adolescents
Guedes, Dartagnan Pinto; Guedes, Joana Elisabete Ribeiro Pinto; Barbosa, Décio Sabbatini; Oliveira, Jair Aparecido de

 ·  Investigation of the effects of oral supplementation of arginine in the increase of muscular strength and mass
Angeli, Gerseli; Barros, Turibio Leite de; Barros, Daniel Furquim Leite de; Lima, Marcelo

 ·  Resting metabolism of post-menopause women submitted to a training program with weights (hypertrophy)
Trevisan, Mara Cléia; Burini, Roberto Carlos

 Review Article
 ·  Non-photic synchronization: the effect of aerobic physical exercise
Back, Flávio Augustino; Fortes, Fabiano Santos; Santos, Eduardo Henrique Rosa; Tambelli, Rodrigo; Menna-Barreto, Luiz Silveira; Louzada, Fernando Mazzilli