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Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte
On-line version ISSN 1806-9940


Table of contents
Rev Bras Med Esporte vol.14 no.3 Niterói May/June 2008

 Original Articles
 ·  Effects of remobilization in two weeks of swimming on the soleus muscle of rats submitted to immobilization
Volpi, Fabielle Sant'Ana; Casarolli, Luana Muriel; Pudell, Claudia; Menon, Thiago; Ciena, Adriano Policam; Alves, Éder Paulo Belato; Bertolini, Gladson Ricardo Flor

 ·  Effects of the recovery interval between resistance exercise sets in the growth hormone in young women
Martins, Breno; Veloso, João; França, Jônatas de Barros; Bottaro, Martim

 ·  Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS): an instrument for early detection of overtraining syndrome
Rohlfs, Izabel Cristina Provenza de Miranda; Rotta, Tatiana Marcela; Luft, Caroline Di Bernardi; Andrade, Alexandro; Krebs, Ruy Jornada; Carvalho, Tales de

 ·  Effects of the chronic exercise on the circulating concentration of leptin and ghrelin in rats With diet-induced obesity
Eguchi, Ricardo; Cheik, Nadia Carla; Oyama, Lila Missae; Nascimento, Claudia Maria Oller do; Mello, Marco Túlio de; Tufik, Sergio; Dâmaso, Ana

 ·  Risk factors for the metabolic syndrome in wheelchair users: basketball players and non-practitioners
Quintana, Rafael; Neiva, Cassiano Merussi

 ·  Effects of one month detraining over health-related physical fitness in a lifestyle change program
Michelin, Edilaine; Coelho, Christianne de Faria; Burini, Roberto Carlos

 ·  Factors associated with excessive television watching among adolescents
Campagnolo, Paula Dal Bó; Vitolo, Márcia Regina; Gama, Cíntia Mendes

 ·  Effect of the work shift reversal on the aerobic capacity and cardiovascular responses to maximal exercise
Lima, Anna Myrna Jaguaribe de; Soares, Cláudia Maria Vieira; Souza, Alexandre Oscar Soares de

 ·  Nutrition knowledge scale application in professional and amateur track and field athletes
Nicastro, Humberto; Dattilo, Murilo; Santos, Tânia Rodrigues dos; Padilha, Heloisa Vidigal Guarita; Zimberg, Ioná Zalcman; Crispim, Cibele Aparecida; Stulbach, Tamara Eugênia

 ·  Comparison of electromyographic fatigue of erector spinae muscles and angular kinematic of spine between individuals with and without low back pain
Kawano, Marcio Massao; Souza, Roger Burgo de; Oliveira, Beatriz Ito Ramos de; Menacho, Maryela Oliveira; Cardoso, Ana Paula Rossetto Garcia; Nakamura, Fabio Yuzo; Cardoso, Jefferson Rosa

 ·  Effect of the dietary protein intake on the muscular gain, nitrogen balance and 15N-glycine kinetics of athletes in resistance training
Maestá, Nailza; Cyrino, Edilson Serpeloni; Angeleli, Aparecida Yooko Outa; Burini, Roberto Carlos

 ·  Effects of two anthropometric parameters in the behavior of the mechanomyographic signal on muscle force tests
Polato, Danielle; Carvalho, Maílson Correa de; Garcia, Marco Antonio Cavalcanti

 ·  Diurnal variation and Vo2 kinetic response of cyclists during heavy exercis e
Santana, Marcos G.; Tufik, Sergio; Passos, Giselle S.; Santee, Donald M.; Denadai, Benedito S.; Mello, Marco T.

 Review Articles
 ·  Strength training for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Silva, Evelise Guimarães da; Dourado, Victor Zuniga