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Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte
On-line version ISSN 1806-9940


Table of contents
Rev Bras Med Esporte vol.16 no.3 Niterói May/June 2010

Editorial: Mais do que saudades, gratidão! Mario Carvalho Pini (1918-2010)

 Original Articles
 ·  Effect of physical conditioning level and oral hydration on hydric homeostasis in aerobic exercise
Ferreira, Fabrícia Geralda; Alves, Kamila; Costa, Neuza Maria Brunoro; Santana, Ângela Maria Campos; Marins, João Carlos Bouzas

 ·  Effects of caffeine acute consumption on the metabolic and performance parameters in male individuals
Brunetto, Daniela; Ribeiro, Jerri Luiz; Fayh, Ana Paula Trussardi

 ·  Metabolic responses to fructose supplementation in strength exercise of lower limbs
Sá, Clodoaldo Antônio de; Fernández, Juan Marcelo; Silva-Grigoletto, Marzo Edir Da

 ·  Body image of professional ballet dancers
Haas, Aline Nogueira; Garcia, Anelise Cristina Dias; Bertoletti, Juliana

 ·  Effects of long-term creatine monohydrate supplementation on anaerobic performance of trained young adults
Altimari, Leandro Ricardo; Tirapegui, Julio; Okano, Alexandre Hideki; Franchini, Emerson; Takito, Monica Yuri; Avelar, Ademar; Altimari, Juliana Melo; Cyrino, Edilson Serpeloni

 ·  Descriptive assessment on the use of anabolic steroids and their effect on the biochemical and neuroendocrine variables in practitioners of resisted exercise
Venâncio, Daniel Paulino; Nóbrega, Antonio Claudio Lucas da; Tufik, Sergio; Mello, Marco Túlio de

 ·  Analysis of ankle taping influence in the peroneal reaction time in healthy subjects
Meurer, Maurício Couto; Pacheco, Adriana Moré; Pacheco, Ivan; Silva, Marcelo Faria

 ·  Reproducibility of the 1-RM test in individuals with peripheral obstructive arterial disease
Dias, Raphael Mendes Ritti; Cucato, Gabriel Grizzo; Câmara, Lucas Caseri; Wolosker, Nelson

 ·  Specificity of the myoelectrical activity on the eccentric decline squat at 25º and standard squat with different overloads
Leporace, Gustavo; Pereira, Glauber R.; Carmo, Roberto C.R.; Silva, André C.; Cabral, Rozineli P.; Silva Filho, Nilson; Pasqualini, Hérica E.C.; Batista, Luiz Alberto

 ·  Lactic acid as an indication of physical fitness in rats
Menezes, Honório Sampaio; Coracini, Julio Cezar Dors; Kepler, Kellyn Cristine; Frantz, Elemara; Abegg, Milena Pacheco; Correa, Cora Albrecht; Cirino, Silvia Letícia Merceo Bacchi

 ·  Morphometric alterations in respiratory muscle of rats submitted to paw immobilization
Santos-Júnior, Francisco Fleury Uchôa; Alves, Jamille Soares Moreira; Machado, André Accioly Nogueira; Carlos, Patrick Simão; Ferraz, Alex Soares Marreiros; Barbosa, Roseli; Leal-Cardoso, José Henrique; Ceccatto, Vânia Marilande

 Review Articles
 ·  Effects of creatine supplementation on strength and muscle hypertrophy: current concepts
Gualano, Bruno; Acquesta, Fernanda Michelone; Ugrinowitsch, Carlos; Tricoli, Valmor; Serrão, Júlio Cerca; Lancha Junior, Antonio Herbert

 ·  Photoprotection and physical exercise
Purim, Kátia Sheylla Malta; Leite, Neiva

 ·  Physiological principles of warm-up and muscle stretching on sports activities
Di Alencar, Thiago Ayala Melo; Matias, Karinna Ferreira de Sousa