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Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte
On-line version ISSN 1806-9940


Table of contents
Rev Bras Med Esporte vol.18 no.2 São Paulo Mar./Apr. 2012

 Original Articles
 ·  Health-related physical fitness of schoolchildren: the fitnessgram program
Guedes, Dartagnan Pinto; Miranda Neto, Jaime Tolentino; Germano, Jeibson Moura; Lopes, Victor; Silva, António José Rocha Martins e

 ·  The use of cooperative games to treat crack-dependent patients hospitalized at a detoxication unit
Alves, Gabriel Soares Ledur; Araujo, Renata Brasil

 ·  Acute effects of concurrent training on serum leptin and cortisol in overweight young adults
Cruz, Iara S.; Rosa, Guilherme; Valle, Valeria; Mello, Danielli B. de; Fortes, Marcos; Dantas, Estélio H.M.

 ·  Aerobic or resistance exercise improves performance in activities of daily living in elderly women
Raso, Vagner; Greve, Júlia Maria D'Andrea

 ·  Analysis of the isokinetic torque curves in shoulder movements
Sonza, Anelise; Andrade, Mário Cesar de

 ·  The tensiomyography used for evaluating high level beach volleyball players
Rodríguez Ruiz, David; Quiroga Escudero, Miriam Esther; Rodríguez Matoso, Dario; Sarmiento Montesdeoca, Samuel; Losa Reyna, José; Saá Guerra, Yves de; Perdomo Bautista, Gloria; García Manso, Juan Manuel

 ·  Electromyographic study of the deltoid, pectoralis major and triceps brachial muscles in swimmers during bilateral contractions performed in multi-joint exercise with different loads
Nazário-de-Rezende, Fernando; Sousa, Gilmar da Cunha; Haddad, Eduardo G.; Oliveira, Vanessa S. de; Medeiros, Robson da Silva; Agostini, Guilherme Goulart de; Marocolo, Moacir

 ·  Electromyographic analysis of the rectus femoris and rectus abdominis muscles during performance of the hundred and teaser pilates exercises
Souza, Elba Fonseca de; Cantergi, Débora; Mendonça, Aline; Kennedy, Cloud; Loss, Jefferson Fagundes

 ·  Temperature variation of the quadriceps femoris muscle exposed to two forms of cryotherapy by means of thermography
Carvalho, Alberito Rodrigo de; Medeiros, Daiane Lazzeri de; Souza, Francieli Tibes de; Paula, Grazieli Francine de; Barbosa, Patrícia Mantovani; Vasconcellos, Paula Renata Olegini; Buzanello, Márcia Rosângela; Bertolini, Gladson Ricardo Flor

 ·  Evaluation of the passive resistive torque in female athletes with ankle sprain
Barbanera, Márcia; Araujo, Rubens Correa; Fernandes, Tulio Diniz; Hernandez, Arnaldo Jose

 ·  Cardiovascular behavior after resistance exercise performed in different work ways and volume
Anunciação, Paulo G.; Poton, Roberto; Szytko, Alessandro; Polito, Marcos D.

 ·  Blood lactate responses to high-intensity intermittent training in rats
Panveloski-Costa, Ana Carolina; Papoti, Marcelo; Moreira, Rafael Junges; Seraphim, Patricia Monteiro

 ·  Use of resistance exercise as a factor antagonized by naloxone of analgesia in acute knee synovitis in Wistar rats
Bertolini, Gladson Ricardo Flor; Rosa, Camila Thieime; Silva, Lígia Inez; Meireles, Anamaria; Rocha, Bruno Pogorzelski

 Review Articles
 ·  Muscle strength, serum basal levels of testosterone and urea in soccer athletes submitted to non-linear periodization program
Pacobahyba, Nelson; Vale, Rodrigo Gomes de Souza; Souza, Sandro Legey P. de; Simão, Roberto; Santos, Edil; Dantas, Estélio Henrique Martin

 Letter to the Editor
 ·  Subjective perceived exertion in the judo athletes session: seven weights and one measure?
Franchini, Emerson; Del Vecchio, Fabrício Boscolo