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Educação e Pesquisa
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Table of contents
Educ. Pesqui. vol.38 no.2 São Paulo Abr./June 2012

 ·  The classroom was my world: the teaching career in São Paulo (1920-1950)
Alcântara, Wiara Rosa Rios

 ·  The transition process towards a critical-phenomenological consciousness of the teaching profession
Vergara, Marcela Gaete; Hidalgo, Abelardo Castro

 ·  The triangle of teacher education: its players and configurations
Sarti, Flavia Medeiros

 ·  Teachers' pay in Brazil: an outlook from the Annual List of Social Information (RAIS)
Fernandes, Maria Dilnéia Espíndola; Gouveia, Andrea Barbosa; Benini, Élcio Gustavo

 ·  Occupational stress and the change to the Portuguese Statute of the Teaching Career
Gomes, A. Rui; Peixoto, Ana; Pacheco, Rute; Silva, Maria

 ·  Three generations of assessments of basic education in Brazil: interfaces with the curriculum in/of the school
Bonamino, Alicia; Sousa, Sandra Zákia

 ·  Teacher of higher education: the view from the narratives of graduate students in Chemistry
Quadros, Ana Luiza de; Silva, Dayse Carvalho da; Silva, Fernando César; Silva, Gilson de Freitas; Oliveira, Sheila Rodrigues; Andrade, Frank Pereira de; Tristão, Juliana Cristina; Santos, Leandro José; Aleme, Helga Gabriela

 ·  Teaching through problems: an approach to student development
Freitas, Raquel Aparecida Marra da Madeira

 ·  Dialogue, agency and experiential learning in international camps
Baraldi, Claudio

 ·  Education outdoors through adventure: learning moral values in nature expeditions
Kunreuther, Flavio Theodor; Ferraz, Osvaldo Luiz

 ·  Moral education: the learning and teaching of justice in school
Müller, Adriana; Alencar, Heloisa Moulin de

 ·  Agroecology, sustainable consumption and collective learning in Brazil
Santos, Fernando Passos dos; Chalub-Martins, Leila

 ·  Noemy Rudolfer and the organization of school and of the world of labor in the 1920s/1930s
Moraes, José Damiro de

 ·  Automatic promotion in the 1950s: the pioneering experiment of the Experimental School of Lapa (Sao Paulo)
Viégas, Lygia S.; Souza, Marilene P. R.

 ·  A school for rural people: popular culture, peasants and the basic education movement (1960-1964)
Souza, Claudia Moraes de