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Interações (Campo Grande)
On-line version ISSN 1984-042X


Table of contents
Interações (Campo Grande) vol.8 no.1 Campo Grande Mar. 2007

Castilho, Maria Augusta

 ·  Political ecology of the building of the global environmental crisis and on the sustainable development model
Guerra, Lemuel Dourado; Ramalho, Deolinda de Sousa; Silva, Jairo Bezerra; Vasconcelos, Cláudio Ruy Portela de

 ·  The economic valuation of the water: a reflection on the legislation of management of the hídricos resources of the Mato Grosso do Sul
Zago, Valéria Cristina Palmeira

 ·  The Kyoto Protocol and the electric power generation for sugar-cane biomass as clean development mechanism
Meneguello, Luiz Augusto; Castro, Marcus Cesar Avezum Alves de

 ·  Critical analysis of the "estudo ambiental preliminar" of the urbanistic project "Reviva Lagoa Itatiaia", in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil
Camillo, Cássia S.; Anjos-Aquino, Elaine, A. C.; Albuquerque, Lidiamar B.

 ·  Agroindustrialization of victuals in the rural establishments surround of the Parque Nacional da Serra da Bodoquena and your insertion in the tourist market, Bonito, MS
Lacerda, Liliane; Albuquerque, Lidiamar Barbosa de; Milano, Sinéia Mara Zattoni; Brambilla, Márcia

 ·  Agricultural activities in Assentamento Iracema (PI) and its repercussions on the environment
Castro, Lúcia de Fátima Correia de; Gomes, Jaíra Maria Alcobaça

 ·  Tonkabean (Dipteryx alata Vog.), local development and the biological sustainability in the Andalucia Settling, Nioaque/MS
Candil, Rosemarly Fernandes Mendes; José de Arruda, Eduardo; Arakaki, Andréa Haruko

 ·  City, subjectivity and territory: representations of the impoverished subjects
Lopes, José Rogério

 ·  Geopolitic of water in México: the opposition between the hydropolicy and the social politic strife. The new faces of the social "fightings"
Alba, Felipe de