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Interações (Campo Grande)
On-line version ISSN 1984-042X


Table of contents
Interações (Campo Grande) vol.12 no.1 Campo Grande Jan./June 2011

Castilho, Maria Augusta

 ·  Export consortia as a strategy for international insertion. Case Study: Associative Group Agricultural Machinery Producers (GAPMA), provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Piñero, Fernando J.; Herrera, Gabriela; Di Meglio, Fernanda

 ·  Knowledge construction with household farmers in Northeast Pará, Brazil
Meyer, Gustavo; Mota, Dalva Maria da; Corrêa, Roselany de Oliveira

 ·  Sheep meat, tourism and local development: potentialities for the Mato Grosso do Sul/Brazil
Mariani, Milton Augusto Pasquotto; Sorio, Andre; Arruda, Dyego de Oliveira

 ·  The struggle for a new concept of rural space: epistemological considerations
Marschner, Walter

 ·  Proposed classification of industrial Clusters by indicators of identification: a multivariate study
Leite Filho, Geraldo Alemandro; Antonialli, Luiz Marcelo

 ·  Offer of refuncionalization of the left industrial sector of the locality of General Daniel Cerri (region of Bahía Blanca, province of Buenos Aires) to stir into action its insertion in the regional context
Lorda, María Amalia; Kraser, María Belén

 ·  Social and economic effects for local development through the contributions of the family allowance program in te city of Sinop-MT in te period 2004 to 2009
Rosinke, João Germano; Heck, Cláudia Regina; Dalfovo, Wylmor Constantino Tives; Ruscheinsky, Aloisio

 ·  Contribution of the religion for local development: a case study of the organization "Dando as Mãos"
Silva, Elizabete Maria da; Cereda, Marney Pascoli

 ·  Urban expansion and tourism in the coast of Santa Catarina: the case of the micro-regions of Itajaí and Florianópolis
Pereira, Raquel Maria Fontes do Amaral

 Teoria e Prática
 ·  Rondon Project: university extension and Agenda 21 in the Amazonia
Fantin, Jader Tadeu