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Linguagem em (Dis)curso
On-line version ISSN 1982-4017


Table of contents
Ling. (dis)curso vol.12 no.1 Tubarão Jan./Apr. 2012

Rauen, Fábio José; Furlanetto, Maria Marta

 Research Article
 ·  Linguistic regulation in institutional emails: conflicts among university professors in the virtual institutional environment
Silva, Wagner Rodrigues

 ·  A look on written language and the process of referentiation in notarized letters
Dutra, Jaqueline Aparecida dos Santos; Roman, Elódia Constantino

 ·  A study of the discursive ethos in conciliation hearings
Silva, Elaine Luzia da; Rosado, Leonardo Coelho Corrêa; Melo, Mônica Santos de Souza

 ·  Intertextuality in the review genre
Ruiz, Eliana Maria Severino Donaio; Faria, Melissa Bortoloto

 ·  Reading in a discursive perspective in the educational formation: some questions
Santos, Janete Silva dos

 ·  From the relationship between language and thought to the interdisciplinary study of the mind
Flôres, Onici Claro; Gabriel, Rosângela

 Biasi-Rodrigues Dossier
 ·  Presentation
Araújo, Júlio; Bezerra, Benedito Gomes

 ·  A theoretical-methodological journey for the study of genre constellations
Araújo, Júlio César

 ·  About genre chains
Nobre, Kennedy Cabral; Biasi-Rodrigues, Bernardete

 ·  Communicative purpose in genre analysis
Biasi-Rodrigues, Bernardete; Bezerra, Benedito Gomes

 ·  Transmutation: creation and innovation in discourse genres
Zavam, Aurea

 ·  Revisiting the concept of intergenericity
Lima-Neto, Vicente de; Araújo, Júlio César

 ·  The subsumption of the media as category in genre analysis by means of the notion of interaction
Távora, Antônio Duarte Fernandes

 ·  Hyperenunciator: the other of superaddressee?
Furlanetto, Maria Marta

 ·  Typological approaches on texts author
Sousa, Socorro Cláudia Tavares de