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Brazilian Journal of Biology
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Braz. J. Biol. vol.64 no.1 São Carlos Feb. 2004

Editorial note

Morphometry of the eyes in regenerant of genus Dugesia (Platyhelminthes, Turbellaria, Dugesiidae)
Campos-Velho, N. M. R. de; Lopes, K. A. R.; Hauser, J.

Longitudinal distribution of Copepoda populations in the transition zone of Paranapanema river and Jurumirim Reservoir (São Paulo, Brazil) and interchange with two lateral lakes
Casanova, S. M. C.; Henry, R.

Ultrastructure of the tegument of Metamicrocotyla macracantha (Alexander, 1954) Koratha, 1955 (Monogenea, Microcotylidae)
Cohen, S. C.; Kohn, A.; Baptista-Farias, M. F. D.

Ground-dwelling ant fauna of sites with high levels of copper
Diehl, E.; Sanhudo, C. E. D.; Diehl-Fleig, Ed.

Anurans from a local assemblage in Central Brazil: linking local processes with macroecological patterns
Diniz-Filho, J. A. F.; Bini, L. M.; Bastos, R. P.; Vieira, C. M.; Souza, M. C.; Motta, J. A. O.; Pombal, J. P. Jr.; Peixoto, J. C.

Morphological abnormalities in the cladoceran Ilyocryptus spinifer (Apipucos Reservoir, Pernambuco State, Brazil)
Elmoor-Loureiro, L. M. A.

Oribatid mite (Acari: Oribatida) contribution to decomposition dynamic of leaf litter in primary forest, second growth, and polyculture in the Central Amazon
Franklin, E.; Hayek, T.; Fagundes, E. P.; Silva, L. L.

Induction of oocyte maturation in the white croaker Micropogonias furnieri (Pisces: Sciaenidae) by human chorionic gonadotropin
García-Alonso, J.; Vizziano, D.

Phytoplankton nyctemeral variation at a tropical river estuary (Itamaracá - Pernambuco - Brazil)
Lacerda, S. R.; Koening, M. L.; Neumann-Leitão, S.; Flores-Montes, M. J.

Biochemical responses of two Erythrinidae fish to environmental ammonia
Moraes, G.; Polez, V. L. P.; Iwama, G. K.

Spatial distribution of chromium and lead in the benthic environment of coastal areas of the Río de la Plata estuary (Montevideo, Uruguai)
Muniz, P; Venturini, N.; Gómez-Erache, M.

Diet shifts related to body size of the pirambeba Serrasalmus brandtii Lütken, 1875 (Osteichthyes, Serrasalminae) in the Cajuru Reservoir, São Francisco River Basin, Brazil
Oliveira, A. K.; Alvim, M. C.C.; Peret, A. C.; Alves, C. B. M.

Age and growth of the Duckbill Catfish (Sorubim cf. lima) in the Pantanal
Penha, J. M. F.; Mateus, L. A. F.; Barbieri, G.

Diet of the lizard Mabuya agilis (Sauria; Scincidae) in an insular habitat (Ilha Grande, RJ, Brazil)
Rocha, C. F. D.; Vrcibradic, D.; Van Sluys, M.

Periphytic desmids in Corumbá Reservoir, Goiás, Brazil: genus Cosmarium Corda
Felisberto, S. A.; Rodrigues, L.

Ecological correlates of polyphenism and gregarious roosting in the grass yellow butterfly Eurema elathea (Pieridae)
Ruszczyk, A.; Motta, P. C.; Barros, R. L.; Araújo, A. M.

Chirocentrodon bleekerianus (Teleostei: Clupeiformes: Pristigasteridae), a small predaceous herring with folded and distinctively oriented prey in stomach
Sazima, C.; Moura, R. L.; Sazima, I.

Community ecology of the metazoan parasites of white sea catfish, Netuma barba (Osteichthyes: Ariidae), from the coastal zone of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tavares, L. E. R.; Luque, J. L.

The response of Carlos Botelho (Lobo, Broa) reservoir to the passage of cold fronts as reflected by physical, chemical, and biological variables
Tundisi, J. G.; Matsumura-Tundisi, T.; Arantes Junior, J. D.; Tundisi, J. E. M.; Manzini, N. F.; Ducrot, R.