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Brazilian Journal of Biology
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Braz. J. Biol. vol.66 no.1a São Carlos Feb. 2006

Editorial Note

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Potential bird dispersers of Psychotria in a area of Atlantic forest on Ilha Grande, RJ, Southeastern Brazil: a biochemical analysis of the fruits
Almeida, E. M.; Costa, P. F.; Buckeridge, M. S.; Alves, M. A. S.

Dispersal of the egg parasitoid Gryon gallardoi (Brethes) (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) in tobacco crops
Canto-Silva, C. R.; Kolberg, R.; Romanowski, H. P.; Redaelli, L. R.

Reproductive parameters and longevity of Gryon gallardoi (Brethes) (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) parasitizing Spartocera dentiventris (Berg) (Hemiptera: Coreidae) eggs
Canto-Silva, C. R.; Romanowski, H. P.; Redaelli, L. R.

Diet and capture of Hypostomus strigaticeps (Siluriformes, Loricariidae) in a small brazilian stream: relationship with limnological aspects
Cardone, I. B.; Lima-Junior, S. E.; Goitein, R.

Effects of an oil spill and discharge of domestic sewage on the insect fauna of Cururu stream, Manaus, AM, Brazil
Couceiro, S. R. M.; Forsberg, B. R.; Hamada, N.; Ferreira, R. L. M.

Expression pattern of glycoconjugates in the Bidderian and ovarian follicles of the Brazilian toad Bufo ictericus analyzed by lectin histochemistry
Farias, C. F.; Azevedo, R. A.; Brito-Gitirana, L.

Dental development of Didelphis albiventris (Marsupialia): I - incisors and canines
Fonseca, C. T.; Alves, J. B.

Distribution patterns of Neotropical primates (Platyrrhini) based on Parsimony Analysis of Endemicity
Goldani, A.; Carvalho, G. S.; Bicca-Marques, J. C.

Ichthyofauna diversity in a protected area in the state of São Paulo, southeastern Brazil
Gomiero, L. M.; Braga, F. M. S.

Seasonal maturation of Glypthelmins vitellinophilum (Trematoda: Digenea) in Lysapsus limellus (Anura: Pseudidae) from an Argentinian subtropical permanent pond
Hamann, M. I.

Diversity of Calliphoridae (Diptera) in Brazil's Tinguá Biological Reserve
Marinho, C. R.; Barbosa, L. S.; Azevedo, A. C. G.; Queiroz, M. M. C.; Valgode, M. A.; Aguiar-Coelho, V. M.

Mercury contents in aquatic macrophytes from two reservoirs in the Paraíba do Sul: Guandú river system, SE Brazil
Molisani, M. M.; Rocha, R.; Machado, W.; Barreto, R. C.; Lacerda, L. D.

Larval development of Brachidontes solisianus (Bivalvia, Mytilidae): with notes on differences between its hinge system and that of the mollusk Perna perna
Monteiro-Ribas, W.; Rocha-Miranda, F.; Romano, R. C.; Quintanilha, J.

The immature stages of Paramallocera hirta kirby, 1818 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Elaphidionini)
Morelli, E.; Sanchez, A.; Bianchi, M.

Feeding dynamics and ecomorphology of Oligosarcus jenynsii (Gunther, 1864) and Oligosarcus robustus (Menezes, 1969) in the Lagoa Fortaleza, southern Brazil
Nunes, D. M.; Hartz, S. M.

Abundance and frugivory of the toco toucan (Ramphastos toco) in a gallery forest in Brazil's Southern Pantanal
Ragusa-Netto, J.

Testicular maturation of Oligosarcus hepsetus (Cuvier) (Actinopterygii, Characidae) in a brazilian tropical reservoir
Santos, R. N.; Andrade, C. C.; Santos, L. N.; Santos, A. F. G. N.; Araújo, F. G.

Reproductive studies on ipecac (Cephaelis ipecacuanha (Brot.) A. Rich; Rubiaceae): meiotic behavior and pollen viability
Souza, M. M.; Martins, E. R.; Pereira, T. N. S.; Oliveira, L. O.

Chromosomal analysis of Astyanax fasciatus (PISCES, CHARACIDAE) from the Araguari river, Uberlândia, MG, Brazil
Torres-Mariano, A. R.; Morelli, S.

Body size, diet and endoparasites of the microhylid frog Chiasmocleis capixaba in an Atlantic Forest area of southern Bahia state, Brazil
Van Sluys, M.; Schittini, G. M.; Marra, R. V.; Azevedo, A. R. M.; Vicente, J. J.; Vrcibradic, D.

Considerations on the effect of anti-sandfly antibodies on biological parameters of Lutzomyia longipalpis (Lutz & Neiva, 1912) (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae)
Vilela, M. L.; Souza, N. A.; Oliveira, S. M. P.; Costa-Pinto, D.; Cabello, P. H.; Rangel, E. F.; Traub-Cseko, Y. M.

 Notes and Comments
 ·  Second record of Lasiurus ega (Gervais) (Mammalia, Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) over the south atlantic
Esbérard, C. E. L.; Moreira, S. C.

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 ·  Onychophora in humid forests of northeastern Brazil
Vasconcellos, A; Almeida, W. O.; Souza, L. A.

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