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Brazilian Journal of Biology
On-line version ISSN 1519-6984


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Braz. J. Biol. vol.72 no.3 supl.0 São Carlos Aug. 2012

 Editorial Note
Carbon and nitrogen stock and fluxes in coastal Atlantic Forest of southeast Brazil: potential impacts of climate change on biogeochemical functioning
Villela, DM; de Mattos, EA; Pinto, AS; Vieira, SA; Martinelli, LA

Biogeochemical cycling in terrestrial ecosystems of the Caatinga Biome
Menezes, RSC; Sampaio, EVSB; Giongo, V; Pérez-Marin, AM

Potential impacts of climate change on biogeochemical functioning of Cerrado ecosystems
Bustamante, MMC; Nardoto, GB; Pinto, AS; Resende, JCF; Takahashi, FSC; Vieira, LCG

The southern Brazilian grassland biome: soil carbon stocks, fluxes of greenhouse gases and some options for mitigation
Pillar, VD; Tornquist, CG; Bayer, C

Nitrogen mass balance in the Brazilian Amazon: an update
Martinelli, LA; Pinto, AS; Nardoto, GB; Ometto, JPHB; Filoso, S; Coletta, LD; Ravagnani, EC

Nitrogen cycle and ecosystem services in the Brazilian La Plata Basin: anthropogenic influence and climate change
Watanabe, M; Ortega, E; Bergier, I; Silva, JSV

Climate change in Brazil: perspective on the biogeochemistry of inland waters
Roland, F; Huszar, VLM; Farjalla, VF; Enrich-Prast, A; Amado, AM; Ometto, JPHB

Tracing latitudinal gradient, river discharge and water masses along the subtropical South American coast using benthic Foraminifera assemblages
Eichler, PPB; Rodrigues, AR; Eichler, BB; Braga, ES; Campos, EJD

Land-sea interface features of four estuaries on the South America Atlantic coast
Bernardes, MC; Knoppers, BA; Rezende, CE; Souza, WFL; Ovalle, ARC

A review on soil carbon accumulation due to the management change of major Brazilian agricultural activities
La Scala Júnior, N.; De Figueiredo, EB.; Panosso, AR