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RAE eletrônica
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Table of contents
RAE electron. vol.2 no.1 São Paulo June 2003

 2º Prêmio PWC - Inovação em Gestão
 ·  Managing the maturity of essential processes: convergence towards the future
Santos, Leandro Rosa dos

 ·  Creating strategic indicators for the São Paulo State Institute of Technology Research - IPT
Ruas, Edgar Bertini

 ·  A study on behavioral finance
Lima, Murillo Valverde

 ·  Innovation in foreign market management
Badin, Cláudio

 ·  Trust relations-based management
Sato, Carolina Tiemi

 ·  Behavioral aspects of stock market reactions
Kimura, Herbert

 ·  Multiple criteria models-based managerial analysis tools
Kimura, Herbert; Suen, Alberto Sanyuan

 ·  Rationality and technology incorporation in the healthcare field: the experience of a highly complex hospital in S. Paulo
Queiroz, Ana Carolina S.; Barbosa, Antonio Pires

 Administração Pública
 ·  Tax evasion and complexity
Sayeg, Roberto N.

 Science and Technology
 ·  Eco-Technologies implementation towards industrial environmentalism
Giannetti, Biagio Fernando; Almeida, Cecília M. Villas Boas de; Bonilla, Sílvia H.

 Controle Gerencial
 ·  A critical analysis of the direction of causality in balanced scorecards
Basso, Leonardo Fernando Cruz; Pace, Eduardo Sérgio Ulrich

 Gestão de Operações e Logística
 ·  Skills profile in project teams
Rabechini Junior, Roque; Carvalho, Marly Monteiro de

 ·  The use of strong and weak sources of recommendation in vehicle choice
Ponchio, Mateus Canniatti; Aranha Filho, Francisco José Epósito; Samartini, André Luiz Silva

 ·  "Complex Management": reviewing the scientific bases of management
Agostinho, Marcia Cristina Esteves

 ·  Knowledge management and capacity building in banks
Uhry, Ricardo; Bulgacov, Sergio

 ·  Consumer behavior
Vieira, Valter Afonso

 ·  Tilling the seas strengthening the hidden sources of growth in deevloping countries
Coutinho, Maurício

 ·  Agile Manufacturing: the 21st century competitive strategy e Postponement Manufacturing in European Supply Chain: a triangular approach
Sampaio, Mauro

 ·  Business ethics: global responsibility and modern management
Boeira, Sérgio Luís

 ·  Marketing hits and misses
Jones, Victoria

 ·  The elusive quest for growth: economists' adventures and misadventures in the tropics
Masiero, Gilmar

 ·  Continental challenges
Carvalheiro, Nelson