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RAE eletrônica
On-line version ISSN 1676-5648


Table of contents
RAE electron. vol.2 no.2 São Paulo July/Dec. 2003

Wood Jr., Thomaz

 Science and Technology
 ·  Navigability and digital inclusion: usability and competence
Silvino, Alexandre Magno Dias; Abrahão, Júlia Issy

 ·  The impacts of privatization on the competitive strategies of oil firms: a case study
Carneiro, Jorge Manoel Teixeira; Silva, Jorge Ferreira da; Cavalcanti, Maria Alice Deschamps Ferreira

 ·  Financial reporting on the internet: the portuguese case
Rodrigues, Lúcia Lima; Menezes, Carlos

 ·  Corporative finance in Brazil
Leal, Ricardo Pereira Câmara; Saito, Richard

 ·  Environmental management and organizational structure changes
Corazza, Rosana Icassatti

 ·  The process of creation of firms by women
Machado, Hilka Vier; St-Cyr, Louise; Mione, Anne; Alves, Marcia Cristina Moita

 ·  Eros and narcissism in organizations
Paula, Ana Paula Paes de

 Human Resources
 ·  Impression management and production of subjectivity in application-selection interviews
Carvalho, Maria Luisa; Grisci, Carmem Ligia Iochins

 ·  Productive restructuring, unions and the flexibilization of labor relations in Brazil
Costa, Márcia da Silva

 ·  Technology X skill: impacts on the health-care field
Lima, Sandra Mara Maciel de

 ·  Brazil is not for beginners: carnivals, crooks and heroes 20 years later
Freitas, Maria Ester de

 ·  Marketing Management
Marchetti, Renato Zancan

 ·  By their own bootstraps: self-employment and productive restructuring in Brazil
Vieira, Rosa Maria

 ·  What the future holds: insights from social science
Barberia, Lorena

 ·  Exploitation, colonialism and the struggle for democracy in Latin America
Galdino, Maurilio; Rauffelt, Emannuel