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RAE eletrônica
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Table of contents
RAE electron. vol.3 no.2 São Paulo July/Dec. 2004

Wood Jr., Thomaz

 ·  The environmental pressures of industrial structure
Abreu, Mônica Cavalcanti Sá de; Rados, Gregório Jean Varvakis; Figueiredo Junior, Hugo Santana de

 ·  Do past returns predict future returns?
Minardi, Andrea Maria Accioly Fonseca

 Critical Management Studies Forum
 ·  Participation as social control: a criticism of flexible organizational structures
Crubellate, João Marcelo

 ·  Strategy in Brazil according to Habermas's terminology
Rodrigues Filho, José

 ·  An analysis of the dynamics of power and gender relations in the organizational space
Cappelle, Mônica Carvalho Alves; Melo, Marlene Catarina de Oliveira Lopes; Brito, Maria José Menezes; Brito, Mozar José de

 ·  Corporate social responsibility: for a good cause!?
Soares, Gianna Maria de Paula

 ·  Presentation : critical management studies forum
Paula, Ana Paula Paes de; Alcadipani, Rafael

 Information Management
 ·  The use of the internet in the Recife - PE hospitality industry
Lobianco, Márcia Moura Leite; Ramos, Anatália Saraiva Martins

 People Management
 ·  Organizational paradoxes, people management and technology at Souza Cruz
Vasconcelos, Isabella; Mascarenhas, André Ofenhejm; Vasconcelos, Flávio Carvalho de

 ·  Complementarity of rationalities in the construction of professional identity
Lima, Sandra Mara Maciel de; Hopfer, Kátia Regina; Souza-Lima, José Edmilson de

 ·  Price- and value-perception: an experimental trial
Serpa, Daniela Abrantes; Avila, Marcos Gonçalves

 ·  Perceived risks dimensions in internet purchases
Kovacs, Michelle H.; Farias, Salomão A. de

 ·  The dynamics of managerial learning in a hospital
Moares, Liege Viviane dos Santos de; Silva, Maria Aparecida da; Cunha, Cristiano J. C. A.

 RAE - Debate
 ·  Academic production on human resources in Brazil: fact or fiction?
Barbosa, Allan Claudius Queiroz

 ·  "Bibliometrics": the conventional academic methodology in question
Mattos, Pedro Lincoln C. L. de

 ·  On maps and topographers: redirect to (2004) and Mattos (2004)
Caldas, Miguel P.; Tinoco, Tatiana

 ·  Prophets or illusionists: the history of management gurus
Nascimento, Maurício Reinert do

 ·  Negotiation
Tamashiro, Helenita R. da Silva