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RAE eletrônica
On-line version ISSN 1676-5648


Table of contents
RAE electron. vol.5 no.1 São Paulo Jan./June 2006


 ·  Surprise and the formation of consumer satisfaction
Larán, Juliano A.; Rossi, Carlos Alberto Vargas

 ·  Articulating strategy and the development of managerial skills
Moura, Maria Cristina Canovas de; Bitencourt, Claudia Cristina

 ·  Managing the "past vs. Future paradox": a transformational view of people management
Vasconcelos, Isabella Freitas Gouveia de; Mascarenhas, André Ofenhejm; Vasconcelos, Flávio Carvalho de

 ·  Presentation
Marcondes, Reynaldo Cavalheiro; Vasconcelos, Isabella Freitas Gouveia de; Vasconcelos, Flávio Carvalho de; Mascarenhas, André Ofenhejm

 ·  Results-based control in the workplace: dissonances between prescription and actual
Hopfer, Kátia Regina; Faria, José Henrique de

 ·  Impacts of the mobilization of subjectivity on professional and worker-union formative processes
Corrêa, Maria Laetitia; Pimenta, Solange Maria

 ·  The dialectics of exclusion/inclusion in an industrial organization
Coutinho, Maria Chalfin

 ·  New organization forms and challenges for expatriates
Homem, Ivana Dolejal; Dellagnelo, Eloise Helena Livramento

 ·  From solid to fluid: organizational contradiction and paradox in the reconstruction of identity
Ghadiri, Djahanchah (Sacha) P.; Davel, Eduardo

 ·  The 21st century man: autonomous subject or disposable individual
Enriquez, Eugène

 ·  The fashion that is no more
Freitas, Maria Ester de

 ·  Is innovation possible in organizations theory handbooks?
Curado, Isabela Baleeiro