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Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology
On-line version ISSN 1677-9452


Table of contents
Braz. J. Plant Physiol. vol.22 no.1 Campo dos Goytacazes  2010

 Research Articles
 ·  Water deficit effect on the accumulation of biomass and artemisinin in annual wormwood(Artemisia annua L., Asteraceae)
Marchese, José A.; Ferreira, Jorge F.S.; Rehder, Vera L.G.; Rodrigues, Osmar

 ·  Anti-oxidative and proteolytic activities and protein profile of laticifer cells of Cryptostegia grandiflora, Plumeria rubra and Euphorbia tirucalli
Freitas, Cleverson D. T. de; Souza, Diego P. de; Araújo, Eliane S.; Cavalheiro, Mariana G.; Oliveira, Luciana S.; Ramos, Márcio V.

 ·  Two-dimensional gel electrophoretic protein profile analysis during seed development of Ocotea catharinensis: a recalcitrant seed species
Dias, Leonardo L.C.; Balbuena, Tiago S.; Silveira, Vanildo; Santa-Catarina, Claudete; Schevchenko, Andrej; Floh, Eny I. S.

 ·  Chlorophyll fluorescence in rice: probing of senescence driven changes of PSII activity on rice varieties differing in grain yield capacity
Falqueto, Antelmo R.; Silva, Fabio S. P.; Cassol, Daniela; Magalhães Júnior, Ariano M.; Oliveira, Antônio C.; Bacarin, Marcos A.

 ·  Impact of saline water stress on nutrient uptake and growth of cowpea
Patel, Prakash R.; Kajal, Sushil S.; Patel, Vinay R.; Patel, Vimal J.; Khristi, Sunil M.

 ·  Ecophysiological adaptation and metal accumulation in water hyacinth from two tropical rivers
Vitória, Angela P.; Lage-Pinto, Frederico; Campaneli, Leonardo B.; Almeida, Marcelo G.; Souza, Cristina M. M.; Rezende, Carlos E.; Azevedo, Ricardo A.; Oliveira, Jurandi G.

 ·  Monitoring the end of the in vitro phase of Anthurium andreanum Lindl. plantlets
Stancato, Giulio Cesare; Tucci, Maria Luiza Sant’Anna

 Short Communication
 ·  Chill-induced changes in fatty acid composition of tonoplast vesicles from hypocotyls of Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.
Oliveira, Luciana M. N. de; Sobreira, Alana C. de M.; Monteiro, Fernando de P.; Melo, Dirce F. de