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International braz j urol
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Int. braz j urol. vol.30 no.6 Rio de Janeiro Nov./Dec. 2004

Editor's comment

 Clinical Urology
 ·  Which patients with prostate cancer are actually candidates for hormone therapy?
Sciarra, Alessandro; Cardi, Antonio; Salvatori, Gianfilippo; D'Eramo, Giuseppe; Mariotti, Gianna; Di Silverio, Franco

 ·  Interobserver variation of prostatic volume estimation with digital rectal examination by urological staffs with different experiences
Cheng, Wai C.; Ng, Fai C.; Chan, Kwok C.; Cheung, Yuen H.; Chan, Wai L.; Wong, Sang W.

 ·  Analysis of risk factors of involvement of seminal vesicles in patients with prostate cancer undergoing radical prostatectomy
Dall'Oglio, Marcos F.; Sant'Anna, Alexandre C.; Antunes, Alberto A.; Nesrallah, Luciano J.; Leite, Katia R.; Srougi, Miguel

 ·  Concurrent validity, internal consistency and responsiveness of the portuguese version of the king's health questionnaire (KHQ) in women after stress urinary incontinence surgery
Tamanini, Jose T. N.; Dambros, Miriam; D'ancona, Carlos A. L.; Palma, Paulo C. R.; Botega, Neury J.; Rios, Luis A. S.; Gomes, Cristiano M.; Baracat, Fabio; Bezerra, Carlos A.; Netto Jr, Nelson R.

 ·  Feasibility of refreezing human spermatozoa through the technique of liquid nitrogen vapor
Verza Jr, Sidney; Esteves, Sandro C.

 Case Report
 ·  Cholesteatoma of the upper urinary tract
Lima, Daniel X.; Rabelo, Eli A. S.; Salles, Paulo G. O.

 ·  Ureteral endometriosis and coexistent urethral leiomyoma in a postmenopausal woman
Strang, Andrew; Lisson, Scott W.; Petrou, Steven P.

 ·  Non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the bladder
Antunes, Alberto A.; Nesrallah, Luciano J.; Srougi, Miguel

 ·  Testicular schistosomiasis mimicking tumour
Mortati Neto, Nicola; Grando, João P. S.; Moreira, Horacio A.

 Pediatric Urology
 ·  Findings in cystourethrography that suggest lower urinary tract dysfunction in children with vesicoureteral reflux
Barroso Jr, Ubirajara; Vinhaes, Antonio J.; Barros, Milton; Barroso, Vivian A.; Calado, Adriano A.; Zerati Filho, Miguel

 Investigative Urology
 ·  Adriamycin-induced fetal hydronephrosis
Gonçalves, Anderson; França, Willy G.; Moraes, Suzana G.; Pereira, Luis A.V.; Sbragia, Lourenço

 Urological Survey
 ·  Stone disease
Pearle, Margaret S.

 ·  Endourology & laparoscopy
Kim, Fernando J.

 ·  Imaging
Prando, Adilson

 ·  Urogenital trauma
Santucci, Richard A.

 ·  Pathology
Billis, Athanase

 ·  Investigative urology
Sampaio, Francisco J.B.

 ·  Reconstructive urology
Stenzl, Arnulf

 ·  Urological oncology
Bohle, Andreas

 ·  Female urology
Petrou, Steven P.

 ·  Pediatric urology
Kogan, Barry A.