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International braz j urol
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Int. braz j urol. vol.31 no.6 Rio de Janeiro Nov./Dec. 2005

Editor's comment

 Clinical Urology
 ·  Right renal vein elongation with the inferior vena cava for cadaveric kidney transplants: an old neglected surgical approach
Baptista-Silva, Jose C.; Medina-Pestana, Jose O.; Verissimo, Marcos J.M.; Castro, Marcos J.; Demuner, Maris S.; Signorelli, Marcio F.

 ·  Hand-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy as a minimally invasive option in the treatment of large renal specimens
Tobias-Machado, M.; Tavares, Alessandro; Forseto Jr, Pedro H.; Zambon, Joao P.; Juliano, Roberto V.; Wroclawski, Eric R.

 ·  Relationship of age to outcome and clinicopathologic findings in men submitted to radical prostatectomy
Billis, Athanase; Magna, Luis A.; Lira, Mariana M.; Moreira, Luciana R.; Okamura, Helio; Paz, Alexandre R.; Perina, Rita C.; Triglia, Renata M.; Ferreira, Ubirajara

 ·  Recovery of spermatogenesis after microsurgical subinguinal varicocele repair in azoospermic men based on testicular histology
Esteves, Sandro C.; Glina, Sidney

 Case Report
 ·  Orthotopic ureterocele masquerading as a bladder tumor in a woman with pelvic pain
Thiel, David D.; Petrou, Steven P.; Broderick, Gregory A.

 ·  Recurrent vesicourethal stenosis after radical prostatectomy: how to treat it?
Barreto, Françualdo; Dall'oglio, Marcos; Srougi, Miguel

 ·  Idiopathic chronic hematocele of the vaginal sac
Alvarez-Alvarez, Carlos; Farina-Perez, Luis A.; Barros, Celso R.

 Pediatric Urology
 ·  Kidney transplantation in children: a 50-case experience
Zerati Filho, Miguel; Furtado, Paulo S.; Barroso Jr, Ubirajara; Pugas, Cassio M.; D'avila, Cleverson; Souza, Geovanne F.

 ·  Stereological and morphometric analysis of collagen and seminiferous tubules in testes of patients with cryptorchidism submitted or not to treatment with human chorionic gonadotrophin
Favorito, Luciano A.; Hidalgo Jr, Archimedes; Pazos, Helena M. F.; Costa, Waldemar S.; Sampaio, Francisco J. B.

 Urological Neurology
 ·  Assessment of urodynamic bladder behavior on filling with solutions representing physiological extremes of urinary osmolarity
Truzzi, Jose C.; Bruschini, Homero; Srougi, Miguel; Ortiz, Valdemar

 Investigative Urology
 ·  Structural alterations of the bladder induced by detrusor instability: experimental study in rabbits
Amaro, Joao L.; Balasteghin, Karina T.; Padovani, Carlos R.; Montenegro, Renata

 Letter to the Editor
 ·  Re: testicular histopathological diagnosis as a predictive factor for retrieving spermatozoa for icsi in non-obstructive azoospermic patients
Glina, S; Soares, JB; Antunes Jr, N; Galuppo, AG; Paz, LB; Wonchockier, R

 Urological Survey
 ·  Stone Disease
Pearle, Margaret S.

 ·  Endourology & Laparoscopy
Kim, Fernando J.

 ·  Imaging
Prando, Adilson

 ·  Urogenital Trauma
Brandes, Steven B.

 ·  Pathology
Billis, Athanase

 ·  Investigative Urology
Sampaio, Francisco J.B.

 ·  Reconstructive Urology
Sievert, Karl-Dietrich; Seibold, Joerg; Horstmann, Marcus; Schilling, David; Stenzl, Arnulf; Merseburger, Axel

 ·  Urological Oncology
Bohle, Andreas

 ·  Female Urology
Petrou, Steven P.

 ·  Pediatric Urology
Kogan, Barry A.