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International braz j urol
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Int. braz j urol. v.32 n.1 Rio de Janeiro ene./feb. 2006

New era to the true "International" Braz J Urol

 Review article
 ·  Role of vitamins, minerals and supplements in the prevention and management of prostate cancer
Santillo, Vincent M.; Lowe, Franklin C.

 Clinical Urology
 ·  Radical nephrectomy performed by open, laparoscopy with or without hand-assistance or robotic methods by the same surgeon produces comparable perioperative results
Nazemi, Tanya; Galich, Anton; Sterrett, Samuel; Klingler, Douglas; Smith, Lynette; Balaji, K.C.

 ·  A cost-effective technique for pure laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy
Siqueira Jr, Tiberio M; Mitre, Anuar I.; Simoes, Fabiano A.; Maciel, Andre F.; Ferraz, Alvaro M.; Arap, Sami

 ·  Urinary retention and the role of indwelling catheterization following total knee arthroplasty
Kumar, P.; Mannan, K.; Chowdhury, A.M.; Kong, K.C.; Pati, J.

 ·  Analysis of prognostic factors in patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder treated with radical cystectomy
Antunes, Alberto A.; Nesrallah, Luciano J.; Dall'Oglio, Marcos F.; Ferreira, Yuri A.; Passerotti, Carlo C.; Leite, Katia R.; Ortiz, Valdemar; Srougi, Miguel

 ·  Prostate cancer pathologic stage pT2b (2002 TNM staging system): does it exist?
Quintal, Maisa M.; Magna, Luis A.; Guimaraes, Marbele S.; Ruano, Thais; Ferreira, Ubirajara; Billis, Athanase

 ·  Age impact in clinicopathologic presentation and the clinical evolution of prostate cancer in patients submitted to radical prostatectomy
Antunes, Alberto A.; Crippa, Alexandre; Dall'Oglio, Marcos F.; Nesrallah, Luciano J.; Leite, Katia R.; Srougi, Miguel

 ·  Penile lesion from gunshot wound: a 43-case experience
Cavalcanti, Andre G.; Krambeck, Renato; Araujo, Alexandre; Manes, Carlos H.; Favorito, Luciano A.

 Case Report
 ·  Primary diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the prostate in a young patient
Alvarez, Carlos A.; Rodriguez, Begona I.; Perez, Luis A.

 ·  Paratesticular leiomyosarcoma treated by enucleation
Lopes, Roberto I.; Leite, Katia R.; Lopes, Roberto N.

 ·  Utilization of skin flap for reconstruction of the genitalia after an electric burn
Castro, Rodrigo B.; Oliveira, Ana B.; Favorito, Luciano A.

 Pediatric Urology
 ·  Comparative analysis of the symptomatology of children with lower urinary tract dysfunction in relation to objective data
Barroso Jr, Ubirajara; Nova, Thiago; Dultra, Anderson; Lordelo, Patricia; Andrade, Juarez; Vinhaes, Antonio J.

 ·  The relationship between overactive bladder and sexual activity in women
Patel, Ankur S.; O'Leary, Margie L.; Stein, Robert J.; Leng, Wendy W.; Chancellor, Michael B.; Patel, Subodh G.; Borello-France, Diane

 Investigative Urology
 ·  Using porcine acellular collagen matrix (PelvicolÒ) in bladder augmentation: experimental study
Ayyildiz, Ali; Nuhoglu, Baris; Huri, Emre; Ozer, Elif; Gurdal, Mesut; Germiyanoglu, Cankon

 ·  Seminiferous epithelium of rats with food restriction and carbon tetrachloride-induced cirrhosis
Horn, Marilise M.; Ramos, Ana R.; Winkelmann, Leonardo; Matte, Ursula S.; Goldani, Helena A.; Silveira, Themis R.

 Urological Survey
 ·  Stone disease
Pearle, Margaret S.

 ·  Endourology & laparoscopy
Kim, Fernando J.

 ·  Imaging
Prando, Adilson

 ·  Urogenital trauma
Brandes, Steven B.

 ·  Pathology
Billis, Athanase

 ·  Investigative urology
Sampaio, Francisco

 ·  Reconstructive urology
Sievert, Karl-Dietrich; Feil, Gerhard; Stenzl, Arnulf; Nagele, Udo; Kuczyk, Markus

 ·  Urological oncology
Bohle, Andreas

 ·  Female Urology
Petrou, Steven P.

 ·  Pediatric urology
Kogan, Barry A.