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International braz j urol
versão On-line ISSN 1677-6119


Int. braz j urol. vol.36 no.6 Rio de Janeiro dez. 2010

Radiology page
Sampaio, Francisco J. B.

 Review article
 ·  Phyllanthus niruri as a promising alternative treatment for nephrolithiasis
Boim, Mirian A.; Heilberg, Ita P.; Schor, Nestor

 ·  The novel prostate cancer antigen 3 (PCA3) biomarker
Bourdoumis, Andreas; Papatsoris, Athanasios G.; Chrisofos, Michael; Efstathiou, Eleni; Skolarikos, Andreas; Deliveliotis, Charalambos

 Clinical Urology
 ·  The beginning of the 21st century: a paradigm shift in the surgical management of renal cell carcinoma in South America
Dall'Oglio, Marcos F.; Crippa, Alexandre; Camara, Cesar; Pontes-Junior, Jose; Colombo, Jose R.; Nesrallah, Adriano J.; Oliveira, Luis C. N.; Srougi, Miguel

 ·  Transperitoneal laparoscopic pyeloplasty: Brazilian initial experience with 55 cases
Lasmar, Marco T. C.; Castro Junior, Hilario A.; Vengjer, Alessandro; Guerra, Francisco A. T.; Souza, Eugenio A. C.; Rocha, Lydston M.

 ·  Do all patients with newly diagnosed prostate cancer need staging radionuclide bone scan? a retrospective study
Al-Ghazo, Mohammed A.; Ghalayini, Ibrahim F.; Al-Azab, Rami S.; Bani-Hani, Ibrahim; Barham, Alaa; Haddad, Yazan

 ·  Radical perineal prostatectomy and early continence: outcomes after 120 cases
Albayrak, Selami; Canguven, Onder; Goktas, Cemal; Cetinel, Cihangir; Horuz, Rahim; Aydemir, Huseyin

 ·  Racial differences in hypogonadal improvement and prostate-specific antigen levels in hypogonadal men treated with testosterone replacement therapy
Coward, Robert M.; Simhan, Jay; Carson III, Culley C.

 ·  The approach to the difficult urethral catheterization among urology residents in the United States
Villanueva, Carlos; Hemstreet III, George P.

 Surgical Technique
 ·  Laparoendoscopic pfannenstiel nephrectomy using conventional laparoscopic instruments - preliminary experience
Branco, Anibal W.; Kondo, William; Stunitz, Luciano C.; Valente, Jarbas; Branco Filho, Alcides J.

 Pediatric Urology
 ·  Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in the treatment of pediatric urolithiasis: a single institution experience
Stamatiou, Konstantinos N.; Heretis, Ioannis; Takos, Dimitrios; Papadimitriou, Vaios; Sofras, Frank

 ·  Botulinum toxin A in the treatment of spinal cord injury patients with refractory neurogenic detrusor overactivity
Alvares, Ronaldo A.; Silva, Jose A. F.; Barboza, Andre L.; Monteiro, Raphael T. M.

 Basic and Translational Urology
 ·  Development of a computer assisted gantry system for gaining rapid and accurate calyceal access during percutaneous nephrolithotomy
Zarrabi, A. D.; Conradie, J. P.; Heyns, C. F.; Scheffer, C.; Schreve, K.

 ·  Effect of hydrogen peroxide on rabbit urinary bladder citrate synthase activity in the presence and absence of a grape suspension
Venugopal, Vijay; Leggett, Robert E.; Schuler, Catherine; Levin, Robert M.

 Radiology Page
 ·  Hematuria in a patient with persistent left cardinal vein crossing retroaortic to the right cardinal vein (inferior vena cava)
Lang, Erich K.; Nguyen, Quan D.

 Urological Survey
 ·  Evaluation of optimal color for stent identification in a hemorrhagic environment
Monga, Manoj

 ·  Hemostatic sandwich to control percutaneous nephrolithotomy tract bleeding
Monga, Manoj

 ·  The learning curve for laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: an international multicenter study
Kim, Fernando J.

 ·  Does prior abdominal surgery influence outcomes or complications of robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy?
Kim, Fernando J.

 ·  Ultrasound assessment of intravesical prostatic protrusion and detrusor wall thickness--new standards for noninvasive bladder outlet obstruction diagnosis?
Prando, Adilson

 ·  Renal cell carcinoma: diffusion-weighted MR imaging for subtype differentiation at 3.0 T
Prando, Adilson

 ·  Skeletal muscle involvement by limited Gleason score 6 adenocarcinoma of the prostate on needle biopsy is not associated with adverse findings at radical prostatectomy
Billis, Athanase

 ·  The plasmacytoid carcinoma of the bladder: rare variant of aggressive urothelial carcinoma
Billis, Athanase

 ·  Volar onlay urethroplasty for reconstruction of female urethra in recurrent stricture disease
Elliott, Sean P.

 ·  Vaginal flap urethroplasty for wide female stricture disease
Elliott, Sean P.

 ·  Clinical outcome in a contemporary series of restaged patients with clinical T1 bladder cancer
Bohle, Andreas

 ·  Outcome predictors of radical prostatectomy in patients with prostate-specific antigen greater than 20 ng/ml: a European multi-institutional study of 712 patients
Bohle, Andreas

 ·  Functional results after tape removal for chronic pelvic pain following tension-free vaginal tape or transobturator tape
Petrou, Steven P.

 ·  Outcomes of patients lost to followup after mid urethral synthetic slings--successes or failures?
Petrou, Steven P.

 ·  Pelvic reduction during pyeloplasty for antenatal hydronephrosis: does it affect outcome in ultrasound and nuclear scan postoperatively?
Wallis, Chad

 ·  Is staging beneficial for Fowler-Stephens orchiopexy?: a systematic review
Wallis, M. Chad

 ·  Laparoendoscopic Single-Site (LESS) nephrectomy in a patient undergoing Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)
Permpongkosol, Sompol; Nontakaew, Kullanan; Liranupat, Charoen